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Zombies After Me!

Your city has been invaded by hordes of hungry zombies, your only goal is to escape and save yourself as fast as you can before being eaten by some horrible undead! Make your way through the walking dead slaughtering them with your Chainsaw and blasting their brains with the Shotgun before it's too late! Use the Skateboard and your acrobatic…

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Download Rocket Racer Rocket Racer icon
Rocket Racer

Race at the crazy rockets competition at amazing speed for an adrenalinic and exciting experience never seen before! Overcome all the various tracks surrounded by fantastic environments ranging from colorful tropical beaches to super technological metropolis, passing by beautiful and snowy mountain landscapes. Choose your character between Fox Ro…

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Download Caveman Dino Rush Caveman Dino Rush icon
Caveman Dino Rush

Oh my God! All the girls of the village were kidnapped by that thugs of those cavemen! We can not leave them in their hands, poor things! Go out in search of the lost girls and run through jungles and canyons inhabited by deadly prehistoric primordial beings, scary dinosaurs like the terrible T-Rex, and face the damn gang of scoundrels cavemen! E…

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Download Deadly Moto Racing Deadly Moto Racing icon
Deadly Moto Racing

What happens when two rival gangs of riders come into conflict? Well, they do battle racing through the streets at top speed! Ride your trusty moto, face rivals in the streets of the city zipping between vehicles at reckless speed and kick your opponents until they fall to the ground! Become the reckless moto king of the road! But watch out for t…

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Download Alien Apocalypse Alien Apocalypse icon
Alien Apocalypse

The invasion of Earth has begun! The Alien invaders are setting up their bases in the heart of the tropical jungles of the planet and everything now seems lost... but fortunately the human race have Zambo on their side! Zambo, the arsenal man, alone is worth a whole army! Equipped with bombs, pistols, machine gun, plasma gun, flamethrower and baz…

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Download Tiny Comet Tiny Comet icon
Tiny Comet

You've been captured by Earth's gravity and separated from your family, you must reach the open space and find your loved ones before it's too late! Race against time, fly in the skies as fast as you can and reach for the stars, your home! ********************** "Fans of Whale Trail or Tiny Wings would do well to give this game…

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Download Rainbow Trail - Bubble Shoot Rainbow Trail - Bubble Shoot icon
Rainbow Trail - Bubble Shoot

A swarm of colorful comets are falling everywhere, crashing onto our beloved planet! Feed the comets with sun energies and shoot them away towards the outer space! Enjoy this brand-new bubble shooter game filled with fun! New enjoyable power-ups at almost every level! Rainbow Trail is a truly innovative puzzle game that upsets the foundation of…

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Download Ninja Slash! Runner Ninja Slash! Runner icon
Ninja Slash! Runner

Are you tired of always and only slice fruits? No problem! You're one step away from starting the final running and slicing experience! In a world of chaos populated by monsters and demons, only a ninja with her legendary katana can restore order! Run, jump and slash with your fingers in this innovative and fast-paced ninja runner game! ***…

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Download Jewel Cut Ninja Jewel Cut Ninja icon
Jewel Cut Ninja

Looking for a slicing game really unique, innovative and with a depth never seen before? Well, you've just found it! Tired of slicing fruits? Now it's time to slice jewels! Become the richest jewels cutter in the world! ************************* "Unique gameplay, great ambient music as well as impressive visuals and smooth animati…

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Download Jetpack Piggies Bros Jetpack Piggies Bros icon
Jetpack Piggies Bros

Fly with the craziest characters ever seen in a video game, fly with the jetpack piggies! Thanks to their crazy jetpacks they do not need any flappy wings! In the role of Dante, Oscar, William and Edgar, the four jetpack piggy brothers, you have to pass through levels filled with dangerous obstacles and go where no one has gone before to be able t…

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