• iAccount - Personal Finance




    An application for maintaining personal finances Learn double entry accounting Record your income and expense transactions Maintain your transaction using double entry accounting system. Open & Keep separate accounts Update your accounts as you transact View transactions for a period /...

  • Being Innovative




    Best Quotes on creativity & Innovation What differentiates People, Groups, Organizations, Nations Creativity, Innovation quotes along with author name Share Innovation quotes to your friends through SMS, Email, Social Sites ..

  • Being Happy


    Best Quotes on Happiness Happiness is a key factor in our Life Satisfaction Happiness quotes along with author name Share Happiness quotes with your friends & relatives through SMS, Email, Social Sites ..

  • Being Visionary


    Best Quotes on Vision What drives People, Groups, Organizations, Nations Vision, Mission quotes along with author name Share Vision quotes to your friends through SMS, Email, Social Sites ...

  • Gurgaon Property




    Looking for a dream home in Gurgaon. Find property options - apartment, row houses, villas, plot, society flat, farm land for school, hosipital, farm houses in and around Gurgaon. Reach out to Arora Realtech

  • Spot Poll




    SpotPoll is an instant survey app. You can ask questions, receive responses & get insights in minutes. Want to see more. Conduct a SpotPoll now with your friends, team members, partners, customers, dealers. SpotPoll is quick survey tool. Your survey data is safe & secure on your mobile...

  • SMScurve - powering SMS




    SMScurve is an app to collect responses and present analysis pictorially. Send a SMS to your select contacts. Responses will be gathered and automatically converted into Pie chart, Line chart or Bar Diagram. You can share the data & analytics with your team. Simple & easy to use App...

  • Blood Pressure Tab


    Record your daily readings of Systolic, Diastolic, and Heart Rate and analyse the variations from normal in a graph. Share your Blood Pressure graph with your doctor, friend. Keep a tab on your measurements in an easy format.

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