Cayetano Borja

  • Quiz!! Jeroglificos




    ¿Te crees muy inteligente? Demuéstralo. Quiz!! Jeroglíficos es un juego de ingenio en el que hay que descubrir la frase o palabra que oculta cada jeroglífico gracias a los elementos que lo componen. ¡Demuestra que eres el más inteligente de tus amigos compitiendo con ellos! CARACTERÍSTICAS...

  • The Drunken Goose




    The Drunken Goose is the alcoholic version of the popular Game of the Goose. Ideal for when you have gatherings of friends. Roll the dice and move the token around the board. Possible squares are: - Standard Squares (Blue): Drink the players who match with the description. - Luck Squares (Red):...

  • Concentration




    Concentration is a simple game that can be played by both children and adults. To play, click on any 2 cards to turn them over, if they match they will be discovered and if they are different they will be hidden again but try to remember the cards because you will need it in the future. The...

  • Quiz!! TV Series




    Are you an expert in TV Series? Prove it. Quiz!! TV Series is a game where you have to guess the name of the character that is displayed (the character not the actor). Prove you are the most knowledgeable of your friends competing with them! - 390 characters in total. - 65 characters per...

  • Minesweeper




    This is an android version of the classic Minesweeper. Features: - You can select between different grid sizes, appearance and difficulty. To show the options, you have to swipe from the left edge of the screen or click on the time. - If the squares are too small on your screen, you can scale...

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