• SMS Blocker




    No more unwanted SMS or MMS messages Cellularity SMS and MMS Blocker provides the following filters: 1) Reject messages from Blocked List 2) Reject All Incoming messages 3) Accept messages from White List 4) Accept messages from Address book only

  • Camera Mate




    Better pictures with Camera Mate Editor Share your pictures and videos with family and friends in real time and on demand. You can edit your pictures; automatically send them to family and friends using email, MMS, upload them to your own web server, or upload them to your Facebook account....

  • PrivacyManager Call Blocker




    Fastest Android Call Blocker and SMS Blocker Block unwanted phone calls and SMS/MMS messages No More Unwanted phone calls No more Unwanted SMS/MMS messages No monthly fees The Privacy Manager the following filters: Reject from Blocked List Reject all Incoming messages Accept from White List...

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