CerebralFix Ltd

  • 7.2





    Collect, battle and build in this cross between Pokémon and Farmville

  • Tri-Alphametic




    Tri-Alphametics are fun and challenging addition-based puzzles that are solved using pure logic (you should never need to guess). As these puzzles are based on mathematical addition of two numbers, they are suitable for all ages. The objective is to decode the numeric phrase on the right side of...

  • Monsters And Rabbits




    Do you like puzzle games? Do you like puzzle games featuring smart cute rabbits outwitting scary monsters? Of course you do! Then play Monsters And Rabbits an addictive puzzle game from CerebralFix. Help the cute and cuddly rabbits get their carrots home safely, but watch out for the...

  • Boxes




    A simple adrenalin inducing game, Boxes! Avoid the danger lurking in the wings! Avoid the black boxes, collect the powerups, stay alive for as long as you can! The yellow Time-Slower Boxes fill your power bar located below the playfield.To use the Time-Slower, hold down the slower button. As...

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