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Be a pet collector and catch pets in cards and battle with them! Battle pets to the next level so you can customize their fighting moves! Build your own pet wildlife reserve and fully customize it with endless decorations! Features: ★ Exciting pet collection game ★ 130 wild animals to collect ★ Unique pet capture system ★ Battle pets to clear the…

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Monsters And Rabbits

Do you like puzzle games? Do you like puzzle games featuring smart cute rabbits outwitting scary monsters? Of course you do! Then play Monsters And Rabbits an addictive puzzle game from CerebralFix. Help the cute and cuddly rabbits get their carrots home safely, but watch out for the bloodthirsty monsters in this addictive puzzle game. 40 cha…

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Primal Rivals

Set in the heart of Jangala, Primal Rivals is a 3D Tower Defense game developed by CerebralFix where a war is raging between two ancient gods, Alara and Mala. They are sisters who are constantly fighting over “what’s best” for Jangala’s inhabitants. With talk of an extinction event spreading fear throughout the tribes, Mala wants to unite the tribe…

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A simple adrenalin inducing game, Boxes! Avoid the danger lurking in the wings! Avoid the black boxes, collect the powerups, stay alive for as long as you can! The yellow Time-Slower Boxes fill your power bar located below the playfield.To use the Time-Slower, hold down the slower button. As the game progresses your white box grows, collecting r…

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