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Date Widget Free

*icon looks blue, but is a transparent dark gray the background made...

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Download Army Creeds & Info Free Army Creeds & Info Free icon

Army Creeds & Info Free

*fixed a misdirect and link (sorry had too) The NC...

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Download Army Board Study Guide Army Board Study Guide icon

Army Board Study Guide

A portable study guide for U.S. Army soldier, NCO, promotion or any ty...

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Download USMC Creeds Free USMC Creeds Free icon

USMC Creeds Free

Various USMC Creeds and other info. This is very similar to my Army a...

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Download Airman's Creed Airman's Creed icon

Airman's Creed

Quick reference U.S. Air Force Airman's Creed. Put together quick...

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Download Julian Date Widget Julian Date Widget icon

Julian Date Widget

A simple widget that displays the current U.S. Military Julian date (o...

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Military Cadences

Marching and Running Cadences for the United States Army, Marine Corps...

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Date & Day Widget

A simple clean widget that displays the current day of the week, date...

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