• 9.0





    Superuser grant and manager Superuser rights for your phone

  • Superuser Elite




    * This is a license package for Superuser. It does nothing on its own. * Superuser grants and manages root permissions on your rooted phone. This package gives you access to additional features not available to basic users. Current extra features include: - Advanced log management - Per app...

  • Superuser Update Fixer




    ** Requires root ** This app is designed to fix update problems that come from mismatched signatures between Superuser.apk on your phone, and Superuser.apk on the Market. If successful, this app will let you update from the market even if you've had trouble before. Special thanks to Joël...

  • Selective Silence




    Let certain callers ring through even with your phone in silent mode. Add as many numbers as you want to the whitelist and they'll ring regardless of the phones ringer setting. Also includes a quick and easy way to turn this feature off.

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