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Gas prices are sky-high AGAIN! In many cities, a gallon of gas costs $3.50 OR MORE! Ever wonder what you're REALLY spending on gasoline? Many people don't see a relationship between the prices posted on a gas station sign and how much they spend on gas every week or month. FuelAdvisor is a fuel cost calculator that does all the math so…

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LaundryGenius Lite

The perfect laundry timer for apartment dwellers! Keep track of timers for 2 washers and 2 dryers. Can even signal you when it's time to add liquid fabric softener! Stop being a clock watcher and use your laundry time for better things with LaundryGenius! LaundryGenius Lite is an ad-supported app. Don't want the banner ads? Got bigger…

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Checkbook Genius 3 App

SEE EVEN MORE SCREEN SHOTS AT Manage any account with a balance – checking, savings, debit cards, gift cards, even credit cards – and avoid costly bounced check fees or low balance surprises! Balance your checkbook with Checkbook Genius! And now, do it with a splash of color with the new customizable c…

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MemoGenius 1.2.2

Got a lot on your mind? Jot it down in MemoGenius, the easy, simple-to-use memo manager for Android. Think of it as a Notepad app for your phone. Save shopping lists, titles, song lyrics, product names, prices, gift ideas, to-do lists, names of those people you just can't seem to remember, web sites, and anything else you want. Sort the memo…

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Checkbook Genius 3 Free Trial

SEE EVEN MORE SCREEN SHOTS AT *** THIS IS THE FREE, 3-DAY TRIAL OF CHECKBOOK GENIUS! When the trial ends, buy the full version and use the Backup Center to pull any entries into the full version! *** Manage any account with a balance – checking, savings, debit cards, gift cards, even credit cards – and…

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Stadium Score Scorekeeper Demo

From the maker of Checkbook Genius! Stadium Score is your own personal scoreboard system, with scoreboard-styled numerals, designed for Android tablet devices. Liven up any game or indoor sport with Stadium Score! Stadium Score can be used for games, sports, or whatever you want. It's designed to be a score display system rather than a score p…

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DeadlineEye Widget Trial

From the maker of Checkbook Genius! This is the trial version of the new DeadlineEye widget. You may monitor 1 or 2 events, but there is no time limit and everything else is functional (settings, help, etc.). You're encouraged to play around with the settings and try entering various deadlines! Description below is for the FULL version of t…

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W.E.S. Scorekeeper

Ditch the pencil and paper for keeping score for games like Scrabble(tm), Boggle(tm), Spades, Gin Rummy, Euchre, and Bid Whist! W.E.S. is a scorekeeper you can customize for the majority of card, word and other table games. Keep score for up to 6 players at once. Includes countdown & turn timers. Need help using the app? There's Help…

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Time, Distance & Money (Trial)

Time, distance and money - the three elements of interest to any working professional or job seeker. This new app from Small Screen Software, maker of the highly popular Checkbook Genius app, lets you test salaries using its salary calculator, maintain lists of work projects and timesheets, and even track offers. With the world of work changing fr…

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TalkTrainer Conversation Aid

Do you talk too much? Do your friends or family roll their eyes when you dominate a conversation? Are you hearing from people less and less because they can't get a word in edgewise? In the United States, this is a common condition. But you can do something about it - learn how to have a balanced conversation with TalkTrainer, the pocket conve…

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