• DIA Parking




    Quickly check parking conditions at the Denver airport. Never worry about which DIA parking lots are full again! Maps and driving directions are also provided for each parking lot. You can now see security wait times and road conditions as well. These two new metrics will help you plan your...

  • Dinosaur Guide




    Dinosaur Guide is a comprehensive encyclopedia about many kinds of dinosaurs. You can learn all about dinosaurs, dinosaur fossils, theories of extinction, as well as customize your phone with cool dinosaur wallpapers AND even vote for your favorite dinosaur! Dinosaur Guide is an indispensable...

  • Defiant Dog




    Defiant dog is not an obedient dog. He will disappoint every time...but sometimes disappointment brings a smile :) ###################### REQUIRED READING ###################### To all of the negative commenters: The app does not "do" anything. It should evoke a bit of humor, however.

  • Countdown to New Years




    Enjoy this New Years Eve countdown live wallpaper! The Times Square ball color changes faster and faster as the new year approaches. You can also touch the screen to change the new years ball color pattern yourself. The background also lightens and darkens as each day begins and ends. Enjoy...

  • MMS Liberator




    MMS Liberator helps you reclaim space on your phone's internal memory and allows you to save all of the pictures you've received in text messages with a single button. To use it, simply select the directory where you would like to save images and press the "Copy all images"...

  • I do, I do!




    Love is in the air! Make your upcoming wedding day even more special by placing a countdown on your home screen Upgrade to the full version from within the app to unlock the ability to place your own pictures of the happy couple in the customizable picture frame or use our default wedding...

  • Airport Parking




    Never worry about where to park at the airport again! Quickly check parking conditions at the following airports: - Boston Logan International Airport - Charlotte/Douglas International Airport - Chicago Midway International Airport - Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport - Denver International...

  • Empeg Remote




    NOTE 1: This is app is ONLY for owners of Empeg/Riocar mp3 players. NOTE 2: Your player MUST have a recent version of the Hijack kernel installed ( This app allows you to control the Empeg on a phone or tablet and provides the full functionality of the...

  • Whitelister




    Allow your most important family and friends to get through to you when your phone is in silent mode. Simply add your important contacts to the 'Allowed list' and enable the service! All other calls and texts will remain silenced. This is the perfect app for those who like to use their...

  • Valentine's Love




    Love is in the air! Watch cupids and chocolates fly across your home screen in a live wallpaper that you can customize by adding your own pictures! The cupids are hard at work this Valentines season shooting arrows wherever they see fit. You can make them shoot more by touching them. Place...

  • Countdown to MLK, Jr. Day


    New pictures for every day of the week. Get inspired by placing this Martin Luther King, Jr. countdown on your home screen. Check out our other countdown apps! New larger widget option! To install, long-press on your home screen and choose Widgets, then choose Countdown to MLK, Jr. Day

  • Signal Monitor




    Never worry about missing calls, texts, or email again. Signal Monitor will alert you when your device loses signal so you can move to a different location. Sometimes when your device re-establishes its connection it will not automatically detect 3G/4G networks. Signal Monitor quickly solves...

  • Thanksgiving Turkeys




    The best Thanksgiving live wallpaper available! A constant stream of turkeys, Pilgrims, and Indians on your home screen! These turkeys are keeping the people from baking pumpkin pie! Who is chasing after whom?! Are those turkeys jealous of Angry Birds?! Upgrade to the full version from the...

  • Halloween Ghosts




    The best Halloween Ghosts live wallpaper available! A constant stream of ghosts on your home screen! Some are fast, some are slow... They will haunt you, this we know! You can customize the live wallpaper by the following: - Choose from different Halloween scenes for your ghosts to roam around...

  • Lady Liberty




    Celebrate 4th of July in style with the coolest 4th of July fireworks live wallpaper available! A fireworks show behind lady liberty. This 4th of July live wallpaper brings all sorts of cool patriotism to your home screen as well as fireworks sounds! Touch the screen to hear fireworks as you...

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