Chef's Resources

  • Cuts of Beef & Steak




    The Cuts of Beef App gives USDA IMPS standardized info about beef. It is designed for Professional Chefs, Butchers and culinarians. The US meat industry uses the IMPS guidelines as determined by the USDA, and the Meat Buyer’s Guide follows these IMPS standards for its guidelines. The IMPS Cuts...

  • Fishmonger - Info for Chefs




    Fishmonger is geared towards chefs, cooks and foodies. The app provides culinary information for over 50 species of fish including Halibut, Cod, Sockeye Salmon, Ahi, Catfish, Ono, Sturgeon, Opakapaka, Swai, Barramundi, Striped Bass and Swordfish to name a few. Each fish has its own profile which...

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