Cheng Hsin General Hospital

  • CHGHostipal




    The main performance of this software is to save your time in the hospital waiting to see the doctor. You can open the software at out-patients service time, check the latest progress. Also for your convenience back to the clinic, we have added an online registration feature, and you can set “My...

  • 振興醫院電子處方集




    以行動裝置方式及時呈現本院藥物使用之品項,方便臨床查詢,隨時可提供臨床藥品之資訊。振興醫院電子處方集將以下載方式於行動裝置內。 其藥物資訊內容參考衛生福利部核可之藥物仿單、iMINS 及 Micromedx等資料庫,經由藥師匯整後擷取重要之藥物訊息,以作為呈現。...

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