• Moneyball




    Take your game to the streets in this 3 point basketball shooter. Moneyball features 3D graphics and physics to deliver an authentic gaming experience. Practice alone or play with friends to become the best shooter on the courts. Pick from 10 unique balls with different behaviors and effects like...

  • Word Dig




    Word Dig is a word game that takes all the great mechanics of the popular Words With Friends and adds many more features for a one-of-a-kind visual and rewarding social experience. Pick your color, bomb your path, and collect coins and gems through five unique 3D levels. Play with Facebook...

  • Lazy Frog




    Lazy Frog is so... well... lazy that he doesn't jump! Use your tongue to lasso bugs and stay in the air to feed your appetite for laziness! Complete objectives to unlock more frogs for a "hopping" good time. How many bugs can you collect in one jump? How long can you stay in the air...

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