Chill Game Studio

  • Farmers United




    Farmers United Farmers United is a story about famers who unite together to fight against greedy landlords from stealing their grains and treasures. The Three-agriculture village is originally made up of honest, simple-minded farmers who toil in their farms day after day in hopes of one day...

  • Demon Air Strike




    In the sacred year of 385, a group of devil worshippers unlocked the gates of hell and unleashed the Devil and his minions, the Seven Devil Generals. They wreaked havoc and destruction on the planet, bringing the planet on the brink of apocalypse. After Carter and Liz's blissful life and...

  • Mini Tribe




    If I were the king of Mini Tribe, I would build my tribe into the most prosperous one, and my people could live in peace and prosperity; I would frequently pay visits and exchange goods with friends from other tribes. I would… In Mini Tribe, we will realize all your dreams. Now, lead your people...

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