Chislon Chow

  • 3.0
    Blank Widget (Home/Lockscreen)

    Blank Widget (Home/Lockscreen)




    A useless yet aesthetic lock widget

  • Lockscreen Policy

    Lockscreen Policy




    Disable widgets and/or camera access on the lockscreen. May not work the same on some manufacturer skins. ★ Featured on Android Police, CNET, Droid-Life Please read instructions below! # Uninstall First go to the app's left swipe-in menu by choosing 'Deactivate'. Or uncheck the...

  • HF Button Widget (Alpha)

    HF Button Widget (Alpha)




    **To start, add the widget to your home or lock screen.** When headphone is inserted, this widget can toggle your headset audio off, to have the sound come out of your built-in speaker or even connected bluetooth. An indicator dot tells you if sound is going to come through the headphones when...

  • FontUp





    Increase (or decrease) your system font size to make it easier (or more difficult) to read. Free with no ads whatsoever, no need for internet access. Root access required for Android 4.2 and up. Choose a font scaling size between 55% and 145% (increments of 15%). The effect of this may be...

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