Chris Boyle

  • Locale Power Source Plugin




    Plug-in for Locale (which is not free) to detect whether the power source is USB or other (AC/car charger/dock). Can't distinguish between non-USB sources, but you can use other plugins to detect docks. Needs Android 2.0+ & Locale which isn't free. v3 fixes HTC app list crash....

  • Locale Pulse Trackball Plug-in




    Nexus One only. This sets the Pulse notification light setting (see screenshot 2) from Locale, so you can have the flashing trackball in the daytime without floodlighting your room at night. Does not control detailed behaviour of the light, only sets the system setting on/off. Requires Locale...

  • Simon Tatham's Puzzles




    Collection of 34 one-player open-source multi-OS puzzle games. To right click, long press. You can swap saved games between this and the PC/Mac/Linux versions via SD card. Installed size will be 1.88MB due to native code. Contents: Black Box, Bridges, Cube, Dominosa, Fifteen, Filling, Flip,...

  • Search on green




    If your phone (not your headset) has a physical "call" button (N1 doesn't) and long-pressing it doesn't launch Voice Search, this quick hack can help. Source on website. No settings/icon/"Open", just responds to green button. To turn off, uninstall. Might need to...

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