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“Minions” is a two player real time strategy game where the goal is to build various units, gather resources and fight the enemy. Play as the almighty Space Minion commander and defend your base from your opponent. Gather resources and build your defense. Destroy the other player’s base to win! Challenge your friends with our Multi-Touch enabled…

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Download Cute Robot Destruction Cute Robot Destruction icon
Cute Robot Destruction

Cuteness is everywhere, It is your job to destroy it. Tap the screen to shoot at the robots and destroy them before their cuteness destroys you!

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Download H Plus H Plus icon
H Plus

Happy Llama Productions Presents: H+ Save the Pesky Humans! You have two minutes to drag the humans into the hospitable beds. Be careful of the Robots they must be “recycled”. Beware the RoboSquid and the rolling patients, they will crush the pesky humans…(very sad).

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Download Cute Robot: Christmas Edition Cute Robot: Christmas Edition icon
Cute Robot: Christmas Edition

Winter has come to the Cute Robots, and like anyone else they want to get into the spirit of things. All your favorites have been dressed up for the season along with two new robots. Destroy them all before their cuteness takes over the world!

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Download SlideBlock SlideBlock icon

Now Free! Please Review! Slideblock is Reverse Tetris. The objective is to slide the block into all the empty slots, once you fill all the slots you clear the row. This game great for those who are fans the game Tetris. Challenge yourself with four unique game modes: Zen Mode - Each "Miss" Loses you a life but there is no rush. Survi…

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Download Geometry Mobsters Geometry Mobsters icon
Geometry Mobsters

Join the Detective on his ridiculous adventure filled with love, guns, and shapes. Making his way through the galaxy to solve the mystery of a disappearance and space crime. "It has exciting Achievement based Action!" - Watts "The Story is engaging and highly fashionable." - Miss Curves "O deary I have so much fun with s…

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Download Sleepy Noise Sleepy Noise icon
Sleepy Noise

Having trouble sleeping? Terrible tinnitus? then give this app a try! It generates three looping noises which will mask out the world. - Pink Noise - Brown Noise - Rain Noise Try them all see which ones works best for you. Set a sleep timer or just let it run forever.

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Download Variable Beamer Q Variable Beamer Q icon
Variable Beamer Q

Jump in your Variable Beamer with the Q Corps as Earth‘s last defense from a ruthless and seemingly endless alien fleet. Transform between the different Variations you have to maximize you attack. upgrade your weapons and bring the fight to them in this classic anime inspired space shooter.

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Download Brother Brother icon

Help the brothers explore their world as they explore it together. Solve puzzles and overcome obstacles together.

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Download Geometry Mobsters Decoder App Geometry Mobsters Decoder App icon
Geometry Mobsters Decoder App

-Become a Official Member Junior of the Geometry Mobsters Police Squad download this App! -The GeoMobsters Official Decoder App allows you to write and decode secret messages, send them to your friends show them who the real gumshoe is! -Post them on Facebook or save it to your SD card and send it via SMS.

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