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    My Days - Period & Ovulation ™

    My Days - Period & Ovulation ™




    Predict your ovulation and period dates easily

  • MyDays X - Period & Ovulation™

    MyDays X - Period & Ovulation™




    "♥ ABSOLUTLY LOVE IT ♥, I came pregnant after 2 Month using it ! Thanks My Days" Easy tracking and predicting period, ovulation and fertility. >> Highest Rating "4.8 Stars from 5" for all Ovulation Apps in the Market! >> What other claim to be, here it is true...

  • Deutschland Chat

    Deutschland Chat




    Servus .. Du möchtest endlich Mal auf Deinem Mobil in Deutsch chatten. Hier ist der erste reine deutschsprache Chat für Android. Treff andere Leute Online und unterhalte Dich über Gott und die Welt. Mit etwas Glück findest Du ein paar neue Freunde. Wenn Mal niemand online ist, hinterlasse...

  • Talking Fred

    Talking Fred




    ★ I LOVE Fred !! Fred repeats whatever you say and responds to your touches ! ☀ Fred makes you laugh with funny talk and can be also quiet philosophical ★★ HOW TO PLAY ★★ ✔ Poke his body for different moves ✔ Make him laugh touching his belly ✔ Record and repeat your own voice - Tested on...

  • Chat World

    Chat World




    "We are here to talk" Simple straight and anonym Textchat. You can talk with others who have a mobile, also with friends just on their PC. Chat World includes several Rooms that are available here in the Android Market seperatly. Like: Continents, US Cities, Singles, HipHop,...

  • Singles Chat

    Singles Chat




    Come in contact with other Singles, talk anonymously and have the chance to meet new friends. Nudity Talk come banned without warning!!! Tip: First talk about yourself and avoid just to say "Hi, where are the girls". When you really like to meet someone be honest and make yourself...

  • Gay Chat

    Gay Chat




    Are you Gay? Lesbian or Bi? So you may find other Ppl here to talk about homosexual related topics. If you like and respect Gay, feel free to check out this free textbased chat (no pics and private rooms), otherwise, just stay away.

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