Christian Martell

  • Fly Away Live Wallpaper

    Fly Away Live Wallpaper


    Simple cool Live Wallpaper. Make your phone or tablet stand out with this "lazy" live wallpaper. Float away on the hot air balloon.

  • Parked Car Locator

    Parked Car Locator




    This app was created to demonstrate the awesome power of Google Maps + Android SDK. This app was inspired partly by my wife. I have a knack for forgetting where we park, and I look ridiculous beeping my car alarm in order to find my car. This although not a perfect solution, pinpoints Where you...

  • Martell Bail Bonds

    Martell Bail Bonds




    With this app you are only click away from having a licensed bondsmen ready to answer any of your questions. ***** Please note that this app needs a working internet connection ( Wi-fi or your phone carriers standard signal) **** App Features Include - + Form For Defendant Information + 1...

  • Make A Match - ad supported

    Make A Match - ad supported




    Originally made for children, this fun little game is a great way to kill some time. Can you match all of the monsters up before the clock runs out? You are running on a timer and have to match a like colored "Monster Tile" .. ( i.e Blue squid matched with a Blue squid). It will...

  • TTYL for Android

    TTYL for Android




    Have you ever been in a business meeting, and received a text message that you could not respond to? Or how about when you recieve a message while in the middle of driving? This app sends an automatic reply to anyone that sends you a text message, informing them that you are temporarily not...





    Howdy all, I am pleased to announce that I have just released an android app for you all to keep up with with my website, as well as access to the following: Video Tutorials Graphic Design Inspiration Tutorials Tech News and my random randomness Download My New Android App Learn Techniques to...

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