Christian Michel

  • Olympics Trivia Pro


    Olympics Trivia Pro The Olympics is just around the corner and it's time to brush up on your Olympic knowledge. It is time to test your knowledge of the Olympics with the Olympics Trivia Pro. Challenge your friends knowledge of the Olympics when you are watching the Olympics. Take notes in...

  • Wine Tasting Quiz Pro


    Wine Tasting Quiz Pro The Wine Tasting Quiz Pro is here to help you master the vocabulary and knowledge of wine. This is a fun quiz that you can take to test your knowledge of wine. You can enjoy this fun quiz with your friends, family, or significant other when you are wine tasting. Study...

  • Wine Tasting Quiz Lite




    wine Tasting Quiz Lite We are here to give out Free Wine Tasting training to those that need. Do you wonder why you like only certain wines? Do you know all the types of wine? If you feel that you could use a little more knowledge of wine then you need this app. Master some wine tasting...

  • 100 Interview Training Tips




    100 Interview Training Tips You can find 100 interviewing tips here that will hopefully help you nail that next interview. We know that it is hard to get a job right now. We also know that getting your dream job is hard, but hopefully this will help you get a job. You can find more free apps by...

  • Marriage Training




    Marriage Training Free marriage training on how to save your marriage if it is struggling. Sometimes the problem lies with in you and sometimes it lies with in your partner. This is another Free App that will hopefully help you out. You can find more free apps by Christian Michel in the...

  • The Emerald Tablets of Toth




    The Emerald Tablets of Toth The Tablets of Toth are read here in full on Youtube. Listen and be educated by Toth the Atlantean. All the Tablets can be appreciated by this little app at any time. Support the Global Reality show

  • Allergy Relief Free Guide




    Allergy Relief Free Guide is a completely free guide jammed pack with information on allergies. Do you have allergies? Do you know how to control your allergies? Do you know how to prevent allergies? This app covers all the information out there on allergies. There is over 50 different chapters...

  • Real Estate Investing Training




    Real Estate Investing training is found here in an easy ready to App. There are 16 chapters in this app covering Real Estate investing. If you do not know anything about Real Estate investing this is a good crash course. Use this training to gather more knowledge about Real Estate investing and...

  • Learn Body Language Free




    Learn Body Language Free Do you want to know what people are really saying to you when they talk? Learning body language is essential for communication and understanding how another feels during a conversation. Master the language of the body through this free training app. From infancy, we...

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