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Norwich Cathedral

Explore over a thousand years of history, worship, art and architecture. Norwich Cathedral's vaulted roof is studded with hundreds of sculpted bosses, each one a medieval masterpiece. They tell many stories, providing snapshots of medieval life, stories from the Bible, and recounting the history of Creation from beginning to end. Explore the Ca…

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Worcester Cathedral

As you visit Worcester Cathedral, you are following in the footsteps of those who have come to this place to enjoy its beauty, explore its history, reflect, and pray for over fourteen centuries. Discover great events in English history, the story of the world as told in the Bible, and the faith of those who have worked and worshipped here for over…

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Auckland Castle

Explore Auckland Castle at your own pace, and discover the stories of the bishops who have lived and worked here over the centuries. • Find out more about Auckland Castle’s many wonderful paintings and treasures • Go back in time to see how the Chapel looked at different stages in the Castle’s rich history • Explore a timeline setting the bishop…

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Winchester Cathedral

Explore over 15 centuries of worship, art, architecture and history. Discover the Cathedral's treasures, ancient and modern, on the Art and Architecture Trail. Go on your own spiritual journey on the Pilgrim Trail. Learn about the people and events in the Cathedral's history along the Cathedral Trail. This app invites you into the Cathe…

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