Christopher P. Fair

  • Latin Dictionary




    This is an interface for Whitaker's Words which is an excellent Latin Dictionary

  • Pater Noster Free




    This program is for the purpose of memorizing the prayer Pater Noster in Latin and English. It provides a memorization mode, displays the Prayer in English, Latin, and plays the prayer in Latin. The free edition has an advertisement in it the pay version (99 cents) does not. Take your pick.

  • Ave Maria




    This is a program for memorizing the Ave Maria, or Hail Mary. The screen shots are the same as another program called Pater Noster.

  • Pater Noster




    This is a program designed to aid the memorization of the prayer known as the "Pater Noster", "Lord's Prayer", or the "Our Father". Provision is made for the memorization of the prayer in Latin or English and the Latin prayer is present as a recording as well as...

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