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  • Shop List (CHR)

    Shop List (CHR)




    Your shopping list is always at hand. You can easily modify the list. When purchasing, you only mark what you already have in your cart. You can list easily export and give to a friend or family. This application is free. You can install and use it without restriction.

  • Open WiFi Info

    Open WiFi Info




    NOTE: This is beta version. The application is used to create a social map of Wi-Fi Hot Spots. Its main features include searching, storing and publishing open WiFi access points. If you are using an unencrypted / open WiFi connection the app will remember your Wi-Fi network to which you have...

  • Biorhythm (CHR)

    Biorhythm (CHR)




    At present, if generating a chart for 2 weeks for biorhythms: - physical - emotional - intellectual - intuitive - the aesthetic - awareness - spiritual

  • UnitCalc (CHR)

    UnitCalc (CHR)




    A simple converter units of weights and measures. Converts units: - length - the surface - the volume of - time - speed - the masses - the forces - pressure - energy - power - temperature

  • Password Generator (CHR)

    Password Generator (CHR)




    Do you use a hardware password generator to the bank? Maybe you want to your every Internet account was protected difficult password . This application will allow you to do that. All you have to do in this application, is remember the name sites / domains / servers and assigned to one account...

  • Freeconet Panel (CHR)

    Freeconet Panel (CHR)




    Through this program you can quickly check your phone balance of the account and view the billing for operator .

  • BMI Calc (CHR)

    BMI Calc (CHR)




    BMI is a simple calculator that allows us to calculate the BMI of our body. To calculate your BMI should be given height in centimeters and weight of our body. After entering these parameters, the program gives the calculated BMI, and the extent to which the weight is wskażmik znajduje.Według...

  • Notes (CHR)

    Notes (CHR)




    Simple portable notebook on your phone

  • Kitchen Calc (CHR)

    Kitchen Calc (CHR)




    Often recipes quantities of individual components are given in grams. Rapid measurement of specific quantities of product without the use of cache scales, sometimes in connection with this quite annoying. To facilitate the work in the kitchen, we give practical conversion weight. With the help of...

  • Boy or Girl (CHR)

    Boy or Girl (CHR)




    Through this program you can get baby gender prediction based on the date of conception. To determine the sex of the baby should only give dates of birth of mother and father and the estimated date of conception. As a result, we get 4 different forecasts on the basis of four algorithms for...

  • APN Lock (CHR)

    APN Lock (CHR)




    Android as a platform for mobile phones is a good platform and has many advantages. However, it also has its drawbacks. One of them is deliberately implemented is the lack of control over when the application connects to the Internet. In the settings you can disable the ability to connect to the...

  • Party Lottery (CHR)

    Party Lottery (CHR)




    Fun, parlor game, lottery on your home party. Determine the tasks at a party for yourself or your friends.

  • Color Balls (CHR)

    Color Balls (CHR)




    In the game, the line should be placed at least 5 balls of one color. The line is positioned vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Points for the line: 5 balls = 10 points 6 balls = 20 points 7 balls = 30 points 8 balls = 40 points 9 balls = 50 points

  • NBP Exchange Rates (CHR)

    NBP Exchange Rates (CHR)




    Exchange rates available to the Polish National Bank on your mobile phone. You can view the entire table of exchange rates, and only the selected currency. In addition, the current version has a built in calculator allows the conversion of any currency into any other currency whose exchange rate...

  • Lotto - Polska [PL] (CHR)

    Lotto - Polska [PL] (CHR)




    Aktualne wyniki ostatnich losowań lotto na twoim telefonie.

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