• 3 Cushion Billiards Quiz




    Discover and challenge the most difficult billiards quiz offered by world #1 billiards(3 cushion) players. Play the quiz and share your knowledge with other players on-line. This app lets you study and play the most difficult 3 cushion billiards quizzes offered by the world acclaimed...

  • 아이돌팡팡 - 아이돌 랭킹,채팅,커뮤니티




    ★ 국내 유명 아이돌 인기순위를 모바일로 직접 투표하여 순위를 결정지어 주세요 ★ ★ 개인별 인기 순위 ★ 그룹별 인기 순위 ★ 아이돌별 전용 커뮤니티 ★ 아이돌 그룹별 전용 채팅방 ★ 가볍게 즐길 수 있는 미니게임 2종 포함 2013년 10월 현재 아래 아이돌에 대한 순위 정보, 커뮤니티 운영 , 채팅방 운영 등을 제공하고 있습니다. 아이돌 목록은 계속해서 추가될 예정입니다. 양요섭 ( 비스트 ) 지연 ( 티아라 ) 크리스탈 ( 에프엑스 ) 시우민 ( EXO ) 엘 ( 인피니트 ) 엘조 ( 틴탑 ) 첸 ( EXO...

  • Fill Up Block 2014




    Fill Up Block 2014 ( Block Puzzle Game ) This is the game that consist with variable blocks and the rule of this game is to insult all in the white background.

  • One Touch EraserBlock




    * One Touch EraserBlock * This is the puzzle game that you should remove all the blocks inside the screen following the line. This is the puzzle game which is simple but also you need to use your brain in order to resolve it and very addictive. It has 720 set of games which gets harder when...

  • Fill Up Block




    * Fill Up Block * This game is blocks of various shapes to fit all in the white background. The rotation mode-which is cleared in various way because a block rotates as you tap that block-is updated Block Puzzle Game

  • SlidingFlow




    - A game to connect all the lines on the screen by moving the cubes of second dimension. - The rule of the game is quite simple but needs brainstorming to solve. - It becomes gradually more difficult as game develops to the total 240 stages. SlidingFlow , Sliding Flow , Flow Free , Flow...

  • Various Flow




    Various Flow The puzzle game Various Flow is a highly addictive puzzle game with simple, diverse and extensive stages. There is a mode of filling all the screen by connecting the lines with the same colored point and a mode of filling the screen by connecting the points by the order of the...

  • Fill Up Block 2




    Fill Up Block 2 ( Block Puzzle Game ) This is the game that consist with variable blocks and the rule of this game is to insult all in the white background. There are variable modes like an Classic,Extreme, Crazy, Rotation, Fake, Hardcore.... all of that have a distinct characteristics. It...

  • FishBowl Puzzle




    * FishBowl Puzzle * This fish tank puzzle game is simple, yet requires hard thinking! The aim of this puzzle game is to move the fishes, shrimps, sharks and water plants according to the given missions. Do you think it's too simple and too easy for you? Don't worry about that,...

  • WaterCapacity




    WaterCapacity It's just the same game as played in (the movie) Die Hard 3. It's a game to leave just the quantity given by mission in the bottle by moving the water and filling in the bottles of different sizes. It's a kind of simple but highly addictive puzzle game which...

  • Mouse Great Escape




    * Mouse Great Escape * This is a game that you make a mouse move to the cheeze with the block moved. The rule is really simple and easy to understand. Because of that, everyone can play this game with a light heart, but when the stage goes up, the game is hard to break up, and it...

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