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  • Cisco Network Setup Assistant

    Cisco Network Setup Assistant




    Cisco Network Setup Assistant is used to connect devices securely to networks utilizing Cisco Identity Services Engine. Please deny on WLC so that the app can detect the ISE server

  • Cisco





    Uncover a new way to interact with Cisco. - Get the latest news and promotional offers. - Find events and Cisco partners in your area. - Search for content. - Play our latest videos or podcasts. - Receive current security alerts, advisories and responses. - Find a local phone number for Cisco...

  • The Sell Closer

    The Sell Closer




    Close deals more quickly with relevant, concise information, Just in Time… The SELL Closer application designedfor PartnerSales andTechnical Teams allows you to access: - Case Studies - Competitive Information - Promotions and more! - On-the-Go…Just in Time

  • Cisco Jabber Voice

    Cisco Jabber Voice




    Cisco Jabber Voice for Android turns your Android device into a full-featured Cisco Unified IP Phone. The application allows you to make, receive, and manage calls using your company’s telephony infrastructure and your work phone number. You can make calls using either Wi-Fi or your mobile voice...

  • Cisco MCMS Agent

    Cisco MCMS Agent




    Cisco Mobile Collaboration Management Service (MCMS) is a cloud-based mobile device, app and content management service to secure, manage and enhance the collaboration experience on mobile devices. The Cisco MCMS Agent for Android application allows you to: •Access documents and multimedia...

  • SCP Mobile

    SCP Mobile




    Cisco Sales Collaboration Mobile (SCP Mobile) is an extension of the existing Cisco Sales Collaboration Platform application used by Cisco Sales and channel partners. SCP Mobile enables users to collaborate on sales away from the office and adds additional features such as maps. The Cisco Sales...

  • Cisco Collab Summit 2013

    Cisco Collab Summit 2013




    This application is designed to provide access to content, information, and real-time collaboration for attendees of the Cisco Collaboration Summit 2013 – an invitation-only event.

  • Use Case Analysis

    Use Case Analysis


    UseCase Analysis offers Cisco customers a simple and effective way to map high-level business intent to Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD), Virtual Desktop/Experience Infrastructure (VDI/VXI), and Remote Expert (RE) use cases. Features: • Customer profiles creation • Outlines current-state...

  • Cisco Data Center Connect

    Cisco Data Center Connect




    *** THIS APP IS FOR AUTHORIZED PARTNERS ONLY *** This is a anywhere, anytime sales enablement app for your device. The app is designed to provide our partner sales users a one-stop "unified" interface to everything you need to effortlessly present, market and sell our Data Center...

  • Collaboration Summit 2012

    Collaboration Summit 2012




    Discover a new way to tap into the wealth of resources associated with the Cisco Collaboration Summit 2012 event. Registered attendees can establish a dialog or setup meetings with Cisco executives, subject matter experts, industry analysts and colleagues in attendance to compound the richness...

  • Catalyst 6500

    Catalyst 6500




    Catalyst 6500 at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere! Introducing the Catalyst 6500 mobile app, a great new way to "Test Drive" the Catalyst 6500 Switch. The Catalyst 6500 application allows you to: * Test Drive the Catalyst 6500: Visually Configure the Catalyst 6500 with the new...

  • Cisco GIST

    Cisco GIST




    Overview: Cisco GIST allows you to measure your mobile connection speeds over cellular or wi-fi (if applicable) networks based on your location and download speed at the time of a test. Whether you’re a diehard Android fanatic or a recent Android inductee, this new application from Cisco will...

  • ANM Mobile

    ANM Mobile




    Cisco Application Networking Manager (ANM) Mobile makes it easy to manage your Cisco ACE, GSS, CSM and CSS devices from your Android device. Once connected to a Cisco ANM Server, the Cisco ANM Mobile application allows users to perform key Operations and Monitoring tasks on the services hosted in...

  • Sell to SP

    Sell to SP




    *** THIS APP IS FOR AUTHORIZED PARTNERS ONLY *** This is a anywhere, anytime sales enablement app for your Android Smartphone and Tablet. The app is designed to provide our partner sales users a one-stop "unified" interface to everything you need to effortlessly present, market and...

  • Enterprise Networks

    Enterprise Networks




    Description Enterprise Networks Solutions at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere! Enterprise Networks Solutions mobile app for Android is a great way to learn about our family of Enterprise Networks products. The app is designed to provide our customers and partners a one-stop unified interface...

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