• Longview TX, CitySend

    Longview TX, CitySend




    Longview CitySend is a free, mobile resource provided by the City of Longview, Texas. This app allows residents to identify issues and report service requests from a smartphone. Requests are submitted directly to city staff, and a service request tracking number is provided to track progress. The...

  • 311 MÓVIL

    311 MÓVIL




    311 MÓVIL is a government application for citizens to report any complaints, reports, ideas or community input, reliably and easily through the smartphone, so that the institutions of the Central Government of Panamá can respond more quickly, locate reports affecting neighborhoods accurately more...

  • Weatherford 311

    Weatherford 311




    Want to report a pothole, broken traffic signal, or graffiti while on the go? The Weatherford 311 app makes reporting issues like these easier than ever. The app uses GPS to identify your location and also allows you to snap a photo or video to add to your service request. Reports are...

  • Leth Requests

    Leth Requests




    Leth Requests is the City of Lethbridge mobile app for citizens to request a city service. This includes requests such as graffiti removal, potholes, fallen trees, and other similar incidents. With Leth Requests you can track the status of your request, receive notification of important City...

  • CleanAirMaui





    CleanAirMaui allows reporting of smoke, dust and ash to the EPA, Hawaii Dept of Health, Clean Air Branch and to “Clean Air for Keiki”, a project of the Maui Tomorrow Foundation. CleanAirMaui is used only on Maui Island.

  • Sedona Citizens Connect

    Sedona Citizens Connect


    Sedona Citizens Connect is a cutting edge mobile app tool that allows Sedona residents to help improve their neighborhoods and the City by reporting issues such as potholes, flooding, abandoned vehicles and loose animals. City staff will respond to your submitted requests for action and will let...

  • City of Gold Coast

    City of Gold Coast




    Report graffiti and more. The City of Gold Coast Mobile App is a new way for locals and visitors to report information to Council. In just a few clicks you can report a civic issue from anywhere in the City, at any time of day. Simply open a report, take a photo and submit. It's that easy....




    Use your smartphone to show BELCO - in real time - where streetlights are out, and where poles or overhead lines and equipment need maintenance. Just snap a picture with your phone and send it to BELCO. We'll take it from there.

  • San Jose Mobile City Hall

    San Jose Mobile City Hall




    Provided by San Jose Councilman Pete Constant, Mobile City Hall is a real-time mobile civic engagement tool that gives District 1 residents the power of City Hall in the palm of their hand. Conveniently report neighborhood blight or safety hazards like potholes, graffiti, litter, abandoned...

  • SF311 by CitySourced

    SF311 by CitySourced




    SF311 by CitySourced is CitySourced's official smartphone application for the City &County of San Francisco. Reports submitted are fully integrated with the City & County's 311 systems to provide you a completely real-time, up-to-date experience and give you insights insights into...

  • UCLA Service

    UCLA Service


    UCLA Service is a real time mobile civic engagement platform. UCLA Service provides a free, simple, and intuitive platform empowering people to identify maintenance and service calls with your smartphone and report for quick resolution. A picture tells a thousand words and UCLA Service makes it a...

  • Pflugerville Pfix-It

    Pflugerville Pfix-It




    Pflugerville Pfix-It is an app for you to submit citizen requests to the city. It’s quick and easy to report maintenance needs to your city. Take a pic on your phone, upload it, report an issue and the city will pfix-it!

  • City of Miami Beach Report It

    City of Miami Beach Report It




    City of Miami Beach Report It is a free, simple, real-time platform to report concerns in your neighborhood in a snap.

  • Youth Thrive Map App

    Youth Thrive Map App


    The Youth Thrive Map App app is a free, simple, real time interactive platform that allows the user to connect and share information about resources and services (educational, health, recreational, etc.) for young people in Wake County. Using your smartphone simply take a picture of the location,...

  • City of SeaTac ClicknRequest

    City of SeaTac ClicknRequest


    City of SeaTac ClicknRequest is a free download to your mobile device. This intuitive platform empowers its users to conveniently identify non-emergency civic issues (graffiti, potholes, spills, etc.) and report them to the City for quick resolution. SeaTac ClicknRequest is designed to improve...

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