• My Marana

    My Marana




    Marana strives to offer its residents and business owners the most innovative ways possible to interact with the Town. My Marana gives users opportunities to improve the community through their mobile devices by reporting potholes, graffiti, damaged road signs, etc. It’s all a part of the Town’s...

  • Rialto CA, iTip!

    Rialto CA, iTip!




    The City of Rialto Police Department is committed to serve and protect! CitySourced is a real time mobile application available to Rialto citizens for downloading onto their mobile devices. CitySourced is a simple application to operate, yet intuitive, empowering Rialto residents to collaborate...

  • San Jose Mobile City Hall

    San Jose Mobile City Hall




    Provided by San Jose Councilman Pete Constant, Mobile City Hall is a real-time mobile civic engagement tool that gives District 1 residents the power of City Hall in the palm of their hand. Conveniently report neighborhood blight or safety hazards like potholes, graffiti, litter, abandoned...

  • Redlands 311

    Redlands 311




    This application is designed to allow the citizens of Redlands to take a picture with their iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows 7 mobile device and send it to the city work order system.

  • City of Holland Mobile

    City of Holland Mobile




    City of Holland Mobile is a real time mobile civic engagement platform. City of Holland Mobile provides a free, simple, and intuitive platform empowering people to identify civic issues (public safety, quality of life, & environmental issues) with your smartphone and report for quick...

  • City of SeaTac ClicknRequest

    City of SeaTac ClicknRequest


    City of SeaTac ClicknRequest is a free download to your mobile device. This intuitive platform empowers its users to conveniently identify non-emergency civic issues (graffiti, potholes, spills, etc.) and report them to the City for quick resolution. SeaTac ClicknRequest is designed to improve...

  • Youth Thrive Map App

    Youth Thrive Map App


    The Youth Thrive Map App app is a free, simple, real time interactive platform that allows the user to connect and share information about resources and services (educational, health, recreational, etc.) for young people in Wake County. Using your smartphone simply take a picture of the location,...

  • Harford County Connect

    Harford County Connect




    Harford County Connect is a real-time mobile civic engagement app for Harford County residents.  County Connect provides a free and simple way for people to use their Smartphone to report community problems such as graffiti, potholes and snow removal.  A picture is worth a thousand words and...

  • Wilmington DE, Resolve It

    Wilmington DE, Resolve It


    Report It/Resolve It provides residents of the City of Wilmington, Delaware with a free and simple way to report and resolve civic issues such as poor road conditions and water issues. Use your Smartphone to help build a better city!

  • Columbia GA, Citizen Reporter

    Columbia GA, Citizen Reporter




    The Columbia County Citizen Reporter is a free application that allows citizens to use their smartphones to enhance the preservation of Columbia County, GA. Users can submit photos through their mobile device to create work orders that include exact locations so that County resources will be...

  • Calcasieu Parish Eagle App

    Calcasieu Parish Eagle App




    Have you wanted to report something in Calcasieu Parish, but thought finding the right person would be a big hassle? Calcasieu Parish’s own Eagle App is the tool you need! Eagle App is a real-time mobile app that provides a simple and intuitive way for residents to report civic issues. The...

  • myKamloops





    myKamloops is a Citizen Request and Communication application that allows residents to report non-emergency civic issues such as potholes, fallen trees, graffiti, litter pickup and the like, directly to City Hall. Designed for use within the city limits of Kamloops, British Columbia, new lines...

  • SF311 by CitySourced

    SF311 by CitySourced




    SF311 by CitySourced is CitySourced's official smartphone application for the City &County of San Francisco. Reports submitted are fully integrated with the City & County's 311 systems to provide you a completely real-time, up-to-date experience and give you insights insights into...

  • Gravesham 24

    Gravesham 24




    Gravesham 24 is a real time mobile civic engagement tool. Gravesham 24 provides a free, simple, and intuitive tool empowering citizens to identify civic issues (abandoned vehicles, graffiti, fly tipping, etc.) and report them to the Civic Centre for quick resolution; an opportunity for government...

  • Escondido Report It!

    Escondido Report It!




    Report It! is a real time mobile civic engagement platform for Escondido residents. Report It! provides a free and simple way for people to use their smartphone to report community problems such as grafitti or potholes. A picture is worth a thousand words and Report It! makes it a snap. Download...

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