• CK FFXIV Companion

    CK FFXIV Companion




    An application that retrieve information on FFXIV. - Display news. - Display player's profile information. - Support adding a list of friends and view their profiles. - Support adding a list of linkshells and view their members profiles. - Display Free Company information. - Display crafting...

  • CK UFM 100.3 空中游戏小帮手

    CK UFM 100.3 空中游戏小帮手


    一个能方便UFM 100.3听众参加空中游戏的程序。 听众可以预先输入姓名,身份证号码地址和电邮,CK UFM 100.3 空中游戏小帮手就会把它们储存起来。 需要传简讯参加UFM 100.3的空中游戏时,只需要输入答案, 就能把简讯传出。 如某个UFM 100.3的空中游戏需要传送地址的话,只需要在地址前打上钩,简讯就会自动包括地址了。 如果是Call-In 的空中游戏,点击“Call 热线”就行了。 现支持《翻翻乐》《女王不下班》《U选500最好听》 注:UFM 100.3 是新加坡的电台。...

  • CK Apps Organizer

    CK Apps Organizer




    If you don't like to organize apps into folders or don't like homescreen to be full of icons or you would prefer to leave all your homescreen space for widgets, this is the app for you. This app allows you to organize your apps into many different Apps Group of you choice and you can run...

  • CK 初一 十五

    CK 初一 十五




    A simple widget that will highlight the 1st and 15th day of the lunar calendar month. Handy for people who needs reminder to take vegetarian food. As this is a widget only application, to add widget, follow the following steps: Android OS version 3.x or below: Choose an empty space on the Home...

  • CK Shopping Calculator

    CK Shopping Calculator




    A simple application that will calculate the price of an item after deducting applicable discount and currency conversion. Currency exchange rate can be retrieved from internet (igoogle) by clicking on "Get Online Rate" after selecting the desired Foreign and Local Currency. Online...

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