• Cab Services




    Introducing Cab Services for reserving cabs on the go. This app will help you figure out places in a new city or town and it also has these great features: Book a cab on the go. When you are in a new city and have no idea where the local stores, recreation centers, tourists spots are Cab...

  • Flashquiz App




    Flashquiz is an Android application intended as a study guide for college students and their friends. It allows the user to create, save, and study customized sets of “flash” cards. Flashcards, physical or virtual, are proven to be a strong way to digest academic information. Adding a social...

  • Ninos


    Place Holder

  • Unitrack




    Unitrack lets you track your UPS and USPS shipments right from the app along with some other great features - Shipping estimator for both UPS and USPS - Search for nearest UPS and USPS locations

  • Flashquiz




    From Clairvoyant Technosolutions, an education aid for all ages! Flashquiz lets you make sets of flashcards or quiz cards, share them with your friends, and compete for high scores.

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