Claude Heyman

  • HM&D HPub Kiosk




    HM&D HPub Kiosk is a HTML5 HPub book/magazine reader based on the framework Baker Create your book with multiple HTML5 files, create a descriptor book.json, zip all and send it to me to be publish and readable on Android but also on iOS!!

  • Inflation Checker - InflaCheck




    As strange as it looks, it happens that price tags in department store can be wrong! And not always at your advantage... BETA VERSION : help me to improve it by giving me feedback 1000 times thanks!! Inflation Checker allows you to make a shopping list (or download yours created on...

  • Andropan AutoStitcher




    This new version of Andropan allows you to take pictures(with the compas or manually) in portrait or landscape mode and stitch them AUTOMATICALLY or manually all together in few clicks to create a panorama!! Check the demo on youtube "Demo Andropan AutoStitcher" Generate your panorama...

  • Andropan ManualStitcher




    Try Andropan AutoStitcher for free during 15 minutes or for only 2,5 euros !!! It takes and stitches automatically or manually your pictures!! Check the demo on youtube "Demo Andropan AutoStitcher" Take,view,share...

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