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Clef Software

  • Stock IQ: Equity Game

    Stock IQ: Equity Game




    Stock IQ: Equity Game is a stock market simulation game, that simplifies your decision to 2 simple judgements - (a) What will the price of a stock be and (b) in what timeframe. In the real world, your decision to buy or sell a stock is based on this judgement/prediction, even though you may not...

  • AllyToLearn





    For every student (even a student who scores straight As), there are times or subjects or topics when you feel you have a lingering doubt or question that didn't get resolved or a homework or assignment that you would like to get some review or help on - AllyToLearn is that place where you...

  • BioIQ: Biology Picture Game

    BioIQ: Biology Picture Game




    Love or hate Biology? Doesn’t matter, you can have fun with Biology with the BioIQ game. Learn Biology,Review your knowledge and have a fun too. It is easy and fun to play this picture game. The objective of the game is to label a picture. To play, just a) Select a game you want to play by...

  • GeometrIQ:Geometry Puzzle Game

    GeometrIQ:Geometry Puzzle Game




    Love or hate Geometry? Doesn’t matter, this visual / picture game helps you learn, review and creatively apply your knowledge to solve geometry problems. Geometry is all about shapes, size, relative position of figures, and the properties of space. GeometrIQ is an interactive game presenting...

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