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Overview: Love travelling but no one to guide you? AirAsia Travel Buddy is here to help you. With this application, You can plan for your itinerary, read about places of interest, the must-see, must-eat and must-do even before your trip starts. The AR app function collaborate with Google Map serve as your virtual guide offering Street View persp…

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Download Chumchon Nimonyim Chumchon Nimonyim icon
Chumchon Nimonyim

Chumchon Nimonyim is the application for the animation TV Series “Chumchon Nimonyim” (Happy Monks), airing on TV3 Thailand. It is the camera application which you can decorate your photo with our character icons. It also comes with VDO menu, which allows you to enjoy our trailer, MV, and previews of the next episodes.

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Download Naked Wing Naked Wing icon
Naked Wing

Naked Wing is an adventure game. It has got a very cute exciting scenes with full animation. The story is about one little chicken fell from heaven into the hot pan. Let's see how well you control the game by tilting your device left or right to help the little chicken to survive from kitchen utensils' attack.

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Download PEA PEA icon

Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) , a government enterprise in the utility sector under the Interior Ministry, PEA is responsible for the provision of standardized electricity services and related business in 74 provinces (except Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Samut Prakarn provinces) and the neighboring countries to attain the customer’s satisfactio…

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Download MIB3 AR Game : Smash Aliens MIB3 AR Game : Smash Aliens icon
MIB3 AR Game : Smash Aliens

'Smash Alien' is not an ordinary game but it will take you to a horizon of lively AR gaming experience. The game is based on the famous MIB storyline. You are now the MIB agent and your mission is to crash down those aliens with agent’s brilliant gun. But beware that you will also need to rescue our mankind by keeping the secret remain hidd…

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Download SOS Balloon SOS Balloon icon
SOS Balloon

SOS Balloon, Action Puzzle Game that player have to lead the balloon pass through all obstacles. Just incline left or right to sidestep from obstacle or tap on screen to slow down the balloon. SOS Balloon is about to help the fallen child get away from mysterious hole with his magic balloon. Sending SOS balloon out, the only hope to rescue him.  …

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Download Insanity Basketball Insanity Basketball icon
Insanity Basketball

Insanity 3D Basketball Games. brings back the memory of arcade basketball but now with 3D animation and interactive gameplay. Customize your background with tons of cool backgrounds, hoop, and the ball. Have fun beating the challenges and try to be on the top of the game. Game Mode 1.Arcade Mode : This mode will go on and so the difficulty of th…

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Download Artistry Thai AR Artistry Thai AR icon
Artistry Thai AR

ร่วมค้นพบวิธีรีโปรแกรมสู่ผิวสวยแห่งอนาคต เพียงใช้ App นี้ สแกนบนแมกกาซีน หรือโบรชัวร์ ที่มีรูปผลิตภัณฑ์อาร์ทิสทรี ยูธ เอ็กซ์เทนด์ เผยวิธีรีโปรแกรมสู่ผิวสวยแห่งอนาคต ด้วยตัวคุณเองวันนี้

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Download Amazing AR Amazing AR icon
Amazing AR

Presently, we have technology to help us retrieve information in a way we could never imagine before in which could be of great help for tourist that needs fast and accurate information. Technology plays a very important role in tourism industry. We utilize GPS for navigation, Wireless Internet for source information while you travel, exchange comm…

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Download KFC Freetrip KFC Freetrip icon
KFC Freetrip

Win free a trip with KFC
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