Clockwork Shark Studios

  • Heli Rescue


    MAYDAY…MAYDAY…MAYDAY!!! Quick, take your helicopter to the skies and rescue all the survivors! Featuring very unique gameplay which mixes physics with precision, speed and timing. You are the only hope…don't let the survivors down! Includes… Great graphics & sound effects 16...

  • Stick Man Santa


    Stick Man Santa is running! Stick Man Santa is running and needs your help! Swipe away anything that gets in his path or shoots at him. Will you get him to where he's running to? Will you figure out what he is running from?

  • Window Washer




    Window Washer is a great fun arcade game where you need to clean as many windows as possible within the time lint. Once you have cleaned a window, you will move onto the next even dirtier one! Featuring... ★ Fast-paced gameplay ★ Simple touch controls ★ Unlimited levels ★ Fun HD graphics ★...

  • FireWork Jump!


    FireWork Jump is a brand new great fun and highly addicting arcade game! You need to safely guide Freddy un to the sky, simply by tilting your device! How high will you go? Featuring… ★ Great sound effects and cool graphics, ★ Endless gameplay ★ Simple and responsive tilt controls ★ Highly...

  • Cookie Dunk!


    Cookie Dunk is a great fun reaction times test, that is both pointless and highly entertaining! ★ Tap to start the game. ★ Tap the cookie at the right time to try to dunk it. ★ How many successful dunks will you manage before the time runs out? ★ Can you beat your friends? Cookie Dunk offers...

  • Pilot Drop


    Jump from the plane at high altitude and manoeuvre your skydiver, attempting to fly through a series of targets in the sky before deploying your parachute! The closer you get to the middle of the targets the more points will be awarded! With amazing 3D effects and atmosphere, the sky's the...

  • Awesome Super Boy


    Awesome Super Boy is a highly addicting, highly challenging platform game. You control a small cubed character called 'Awesome' across multiple levels. Players must guide Awesome to the end of each level avoiding buzz saws, spikes and crumbling blocks. If 'Awesome' is killed he...

  • Arctic Run


    In Arctic Run you guide a penguin who's running to collect his dinner! Watch out for the obstacles in his path though and beware of the polar bears! With simple controls, just tap the left or right side of the screen to move and collect as many fish as you can! Featuring…. Cute graphics...

  • Nuts


    Catch the nuts in this simple, cute and addictive game featuring funny animations and sounds. It starts off slowly, making it accessible to the youngest players but speeds up over time to provide challenge for experienced gamers. Features: *Cute HD graphics *Funny animations *Silly Sounds...

  • Sumo Bash


    In Sumo Bash the aim is simple, knock your opponent off the level to win! Using simple touch controls, manoeuvre your fighter and use the 'Sumo Slap' to attack! Featuring a large number of levels, fun sound effects and HD graphics! How many opponents will you topple?

  • Sub!


    In 'Sub' the aim is simple, try to keep your submarine ship out of the way of all the big fish in the ocean! The longer your survive the more points you'll earn! Featuring… Cute graphics Endless gameplay Simply but addictive controls High Scores

  • Monkey Drop


    Monkey Drop is a highly addictive pachinko style pinball game with a twist! Tap the top of the screen to drop the monkeys, attempting to get them to all the bananas Featuring simple controls and high score gameplay!

  • Tag!


    Tag! features very simple but very addictive gameplay with two distinct game modes along with artwork by Michael Lloyd. In 'Normal Mode' the aim is to 'tag' the green marbles to earn points, but once tagged the green marbles turn red and one touch from a red ball results in Game...

  • Piggy Bank


    This simple, cute and addictive game features funny animations and sounds. It starts off slowly, making it accessible to the youngest players but speeds up over time to provide challenge for experienced gamers. Simply tilt your iPhone or iPod Touch to move, collecting as many coins as you can...

  • Sword Maker




    Sword Maker is a great fun kids App which allows for the creation of some cool and fun swords. Pick from a wide selection of hilts and blades to make a 'unique' weapon. When you are happy with your creation hit the 'tick' button and move or shake your device to hear cool sword...

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