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Download Keep Calm & Carry On Keep Calm & Carry On icon
Keep Calm & Carry On

'Keep Calm & Carry On' is a fun App that allows you to customise and create your own versions of the classic posters! During World War II the British Government printed thousands of the classic 'Keep Calm and Carry On' poster to boost morale - you can now create your own! Change the words, pictures and backgrounds to amuse and…

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Download Knife Thrower Knife Thrower icon
Knife Thrower

Knife Thrower lets you perform daring knife throwing acts on the safety of your phone! The objective is to land as many knives as you can around your assistants body without causing her any injuries! The more knives you land the more points you get, although the board will move faster and faster putting the target girl in extreme danger! Featuri…

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Download Find It! Find It! icon
Find It!

Play the popular find the hidden items game featuring a unique twist! Your goal is to find all the hidden items within the time limit. If you are successful you move onto the next, increasingly difficult level. If you need help, click the hint button, but remember, you only have three hints each game! Featuring different areas to find the hidden…

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Download Barber Shop Barber Shop icon
Barber Shop

In Barber Shop you have to shave as many customers as you can before the time runs out! With loads of different customers to serve and medals to earn - will you become a master barber? How to play... 1) Select the shaving foam 2) Shake your device to shake the can 3) Spread foam over the customers beard 4) Then shave!

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Download Sword Maker Sword Maker icon
Sword Maker

Sword Maker is a great fun kids App which allows for the creation of some cool and fun swords. Pick from a wide selection of hilts and blades to make a 'unique' weapon. When you are happy with your creation hit the 'tick' button and move or shake your device to hear cool sword SFX. FEATURES: HD graphics Fully customisable Fun so…

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Download Santa Dash! Santa Dash! icon
Santa Dash!

Santa Dash! is a highly addictive festive game just in time for the holidays. Guide Santa on his sledge across multiple fun-filled levels, avoiding enemies and collecting gifts. The in-game shop allows you to exchange collected presents for continues so you can help Santa continue on his way! Featuring... Great graphics Power-ups Easy controls…

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Download Micro Racerz Micro Racerz icon
Micro Racerz

Micro Racerz is a cool new top down arcade racer! Controls are simple and fun to use. Press the gas and brake buttons to control your speed and the arrows to steer. Featuring multiple race tracks and cars along with great AI and power-ups! Once you have got the hang of the practice sessions have a go at the main race mode. With… Multiple race…

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Download Window Washer Window Washer icon
Window Washer

Window Washer is a great fun arcade game where you need to clean as many windows as possible within the time lint. Once you have cleaned a window, you will move onto the next even dirtier one! Featuring... ★ Fast-paced gameplay ★ Simple touch controls ★ Unlimited levels ★ Fun HD graphics ★ Great sound effects

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Download Snow Globe Snow Globe icon
Snow Globe

Turn your phone into a classic festive toy with snowflakes that swirl around the globe when you shake your device! Choose from 4 different and unique globes, including Santa, Xmas tree and elf scenes. Featuring... Cute graphics Festive music Simple controls Multiple globes Merry Christmas!

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Download Awesome Super Boy Awesome Super Boy icon
Awesome Super Boy

Awesome Super Boy is a highly addicting, highly challenging platform game. You control a small cubed character called 'Awesome' across multiple levels. Players must guide Awesome to the end of each level avoiding buzz saws, spikes and crumbling blocks. If 'Awesome' is killed he restarts the level immediately with unlimited lives.…

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