Clockwork Shark Studios

  • Santa Catch

    Santa Catch


    Christmas is coming and you need to catch all the falling Santa's in this highly addicting game! This simple, cute and addictive game features funny animations and sounds. It starts off slowly, making it accessible to the youngest players but speeds up over time to provide challenge for...

  • Beer!



    'Beer!' is a simple but dangerously addictive game where you have to serve as many customers as you can! If you fail to give a customer a beer before they reach the end of the bar it is game over! Also, don't forget to collect the glasses that are returned before they hit the floor!...

  • Duck Shot

    Duck Shot


    Duck Shot is a great original arcade duck shooting game. Shoot the ducks with the targets on, avoiding the 'normal' ducks! As you play the more points you will get, but the game will only get faster…….and faster!!! Featuring… Simple controls. HD artwork. Great music and sound...

  • Santa Dash!

    Santa Dash!




    Santa Dash! is a highly addictive festive game just in time for the holidays. Guide Santa on his sledge across multiple fun-filled levels, avoiding enemies and collecting gifts. The in-game shop allows you to exchange collected presents for continues so you can help Santa continue on his way!...

  • Cooking Papa

    Cooking Papa


    This simple, cute and addictive game features funny animations and sounds. It starts off slowly, making it accessible to the youngest players but speeds up over time to provide challenge for experienced gamers. Simply tilt your device to move, collecting as many sausages as you can without...

  • Death Jump

    Death Jump


    Death Jump is the ultimate doodle-style jumping game for horror fans everywhere! Simply tilt your device to jump up the screen dispatching enemies as you go. With great graphics and sound effects and dangerously addictive gameplay! Features… Easy to play addictive gameplay Fun horror graphics...

  • Ninja Jump

    Ninja Jump


    Ninja Jump is a great fun, highly addictive action game featuring endless gameplay…. Simply tap anywhere on the screen to help your ninja to jump and avoid obstacles. How far will you climb! Featuring... Great animations Great soundtrack Endless addicting gameplay High Scores Ninjas!

  • Fish Feast

    Fish Feast




    Fish Feast is a simply yet dangerously addictive arcade game. Using your fingers, control Grillz (the Piranha) as he gobbles up discarded fish bones. Don't miss any though or you'll lose a life! With simple gameplay to lure you in. Just tap the top of the screen to move up, the bottom...

  • Panda Fu

    Panda Fu


    You are a 'Fu' the Panda and you need to use your ancient martial arts skills to defeat all your enemies! To control Fu, touch the corners of the screen and he'll jump in the appropriate direction. Using this technique, take out the enemies scattered around the environment....

  • Find It!

    Find It!




    Play the popular find the hidden items game featuring a unique twist! Your goal is to find all the hidden items within the time limit. If you are successful you move onto the next, increasingly difficult level. If you need help, click the hint button, but remember, you only have three hints...

  • Christmas Fun

    Christmas Fun


    Celebrate Christmas with a great festive App, featuring three unique and fun modes! Includes a festive sticker book, xmas sounds and a fully interactive snow globe! ★ Xmas Sticker Book ★ Play with a fun christmas-themed sticker book with over 25 stickers to place and move around the scene....

  • Barber Shop

    Barber Shop




    In Barber Shop you have to shave as many customers as you can before the time runs out! With loads of different customers to serve and medals to earn - will you become a master barber? How to play... 1) Select the shaving foam 2) Shake your device to shake the can 3) Spread foam over the...

  • Santa Invaders

    Santa Invaders


    It's Christmas Eve and Santa's just about to set out on his usual present delivering run when suddenly Aliens attack! With everyone tucked up in bed waiting for the big day, it's down to Santa, and Santa alone to stop the Invasion and save Christmas! Featuring... Fun Retro...

  • Micro Racerz

    Micro Racerz




    Micro Racerz is a cool new top down arcade racer! Controls are simple and fun to use. Press the gas and brake buttons to control your speed and the arrows to steer. Featuring multiple race tracks and cars along with great AI and power-ups! Once you have got the hang of the practice sessions...

  • Line Man Run

    Line Man Run




    Line Man is Running! Help him get to where he is going by swiping away all obstacles and enemies! FEATURES: - Simple addictive gameplay - Fast gameplay - Very challenging - Increasingly difficult - Great animations and sounds

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