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    Download Neuro-Ophthalmology of Texas Neuro-Ophthalmology of Texas icon
    Neuro-Ophthalmology of Texas

    Neuro-Ophthalmology deals with diagnostically challenging cases. Dr. Rosa Tang examines patients with rheumatologic, toxic, oncologic, metabolic, endocrine, infectious, and other medical diseases. She has expertise in differentiating these medical conditions from intrinsic neurologic or ophthalmic diseases that affect the eye and brain leading to n…

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    Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital was established at Dadar in 1990.The hospital has now expanded and is housed in a central location of Mumbai - "Wadala". This 4-storey hospital "A centre for Total Eye Care under one roof" is the Biggest Eye Hospital in Mumbai. Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital Pvt. Ltd has also been rated as No.1 Eye Hospital in…

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    Download EyeDiagnosis EyeDiagnosis icon

    Professional Eyecare Oftalmología Highly Skilled Ophthalmologist Trusted Ophthalmology Services Eye and visual health maintenance enabling patients a competitive edge for everyday life activities such as school, work and sports. Comprehensive Eye Examination with a thorough evaluation which includes vision, intraocular pressure, angles evalu…

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    Download Cincinnati Fertility Cincinnati Fertility icon
    Cincinnati Fertility

    This application will provide information about our reproductive health office for both our current and our prospective patients.

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    Download Eye Clinics Eye Clinics icon
    Eye Clinics

    This application introduces you to the Eye Clinics of South Texas, and its owner Jay M. Rubin, M.D. Board Certified Ophthalmologist. It will give you directions to our clinics as well as phone numbers and emails to contact us. Also included will be several eye charts we use for monitoring various eye diseases including an Amsler grid for macular de…

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    Download Stanley Teplick Stanley Teplick icon
    Stanley Teplick

    Teplick Vision is Oregon's Premier Lasik and Refractive Eye Surgery Center. Dr. Teplick, a Mayo Clinic trained Ophthalmologist, has been delivering high quality, state of the art Refractive Eye Surgery for over 30 years. He has performed over 30,000 microsurgical procedures and is one of the most experienced Eye Surgeons in the Pacific Northwes…

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    Download Grin Eye Care Grin Eye Care icon
    Grin Eye Care

    At Grin Eye Care, we are committed to excellence. Our patients can trust and rely on us to provide the best eye care available. Our Ophthalmologists on staff include Dr. Milton Grin, Dr. Barbara Wolock, and Dr. Anne Wishna. The optometry department includes Dr. Jennifer Johnson, Dr. Lori McQuigg and Dr. Breanne Niebuhr. Let our caring staff help y…

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    Download Eye Associates Mobile Eye Associates Mobile icon
    Eye Associates Mobile

    Eye Associates is the only practice in the Louisville and Southern Indiana area that offers a full array of specialized vision care; from a fellowship-trained pediatric ophthalmologist who can treat premature infants, to world-renowned cataract surgeons who have played significant investigator roles in FDA clinical trials, and retinal specialists w…

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    Download Dr. Brian LeSage DDS Dr. Brian LeSage DDS icon
    Dr. Brian LeSage DDS

    The purpose of this app is to provide a mobile application for patients to learn about the following: Services offered Directions Ability to contact us Learn about new procedures Learn about physician and his staff View samples of before and after pictures following surgery Ability to learn about any new proceudres via push notifictions wit…

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    Download Kresge Eye Institute Kresge Eye Institute icon
    Kresge Eye Institute

    Welcome to Kresge Eye Institute Just a generation ago, patients diagnosed with an eye disease, disorder or injury often faced limited vision or blindness. Today, through advances in science and technology many of these eye problems are effectively and efficiently treated. Since 1948, Kresge Eye Institute has played a major role in these extraord…

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