• MC-Photo Live Wallpaper 500px

    MC-Photo Live Wallpaper 500px




    Best photos for your phone/tablet screens! This Live Wallpaper displays photos downloaded from popular photography sites: 500px, Flickr, Instagram and Panoramio. You can use your local albums too. Photos are changed automatically at user defined intervals, and they can scroll across screens...

  • PG Vrijeme

    PG Vrijeme




    Trenutna vremenska situacija i prognoza za HR i bližu okolicu. Aplikacija je djelomično usmjerena na slobodno letenje, ali ne nedostaje izvora zanimljivih i općoj populaciji. Aplikacija prikazuje: SAT24 za HR i EU - vis i ir (mogućnost dohvata prethodnih slika) Radari Bilogora i Osijek, SLO...

  • MC-Photo Widget 500px

    MC-Photo Widget 500px




    Decorate your screens with the best photos! Use photos downloaded from popular photography sites: 500px, Flickr, Instagram and Panoramio or your Local Albums. *** Warning: this is a Widget, not a regular application and cannot be started as such - please read explanation at the end if in...

  • FISKAL Provjera

    FISKAL Provjera




    Fiskalizacija — provjera računa. Jednostavna i brza provjera evidentiranosti izdanih računa u sustavu fiskalizacije! Aplikacija koristi servis provjere računa dostupan na web stranici porezne uprave:, ali u odnosu na istu nudi dodatne...

  • MIAB





    MIAB - Message in a Bottle - it's about messages traveling in a real world with help of MIAB's users that carry them around. Create: - create messages with unique names and original description and let them travel to random destinations - attach pictures to your messages - give your...

  • Flickr 4 Multipicture Live WP

    Flickr 4 Multipicture Live WP




    Plugin for Multipicture Live Walpaper application providing flickr as a photo source. Enter tags to select appropriate photos.

  • Panoramio 4 MultiPicture LWP

    Panoramio 4 MultiPicture LWP




    Displays Panoramio photos around your location. Optionally, you can select virtual location anywhere in the world. Program will remember the offset from your real location and display Panoramio photos from that virtual location mirroring your local movements. * This is just a plugin for...

  • Photo Guess - 500px & flickr

    Photo Guess - 500px & flickr




    Enjoy newest popular photos from 500px or flickr while playing simple photo guessing games! There are 5 games: 1. Part of Small distinctive rectangular part is taken from one of the 4 suggested photos. Guess to which photo it belongs. 2. Where is it Small distinctive rectangular part is taken...

  • Differences Unlimited (500px)

    Differences Unlimited (500px)




    In one way this is a classic "Find differences" application: you have to find some subtle difference between two photos. In another way it is different from all other such applications: photos are not in the prepared pack that comes with the application - they are downloaded from...

  • Search Alerts

    Search Alerts




    This application allows you to monitor changes in google search results for specified queries. You can use it to: - monitor your site/blog search position - monitor your SEO customizations for sites that you handle - receive alerts when new link to your site appears on the web - keep track of...

  • Guess the Google!

    Guess the Google!




    Get insight into collective mind of google searchers with this simple 'google search trivia' game. Three similar google queries are presented on each turn. You must guess the one that is most searched for. If you guess correctly, your step count increases. If you are wrong 3 times, you...

  • Venue Guess

    Venue Guess




    Can you recognize nearby foursquare® venues from their photos? At start application randomly selects one of the foursquare® venues around your location. You are presented with a photo of that venue and three possible answers. Guess which venue is represented by the photo! If you guess...

  • Unique Snowflake

    Unique Snowflake




    Yes, we are all precious and unique snowflakes taken as a whole. But how do you fare concerning particular subjects? Find out by choosing 3 answers across a variety of subjects. (You can submit your answer only once.) More subjects to come soon!

  • Things In Common

    Things In Common




    This application let's you find out what you have in common with another person(s). At the moment, it compares your Facebook friends, Facebook pages that you liked (Books, Films, TV series, Sports, Activities etc... ), Twitter friends (people/companies that you follow) and Linkedin...

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