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    UBoat Silent Hunter Game Ref

    This App supports the Silent Hunter Online Game and links to information on the German Uboats of World War 2 Check out an exhibition in the UK where you can see a Uboat, purchase several really good value books on UBoats and view for free a number of YouTube videos about a Uboat local to me (one of only four in the world) It's really c…

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    Download JebusCraft (jebusadventures) JebusCraft (jebusadventures) icon
    JebusCraft (jebusadventures)

    SweetJebus is a Youtuber from North Wales Are you into Videogaming - follow the latest news and comment from gamers, check out the video feed and live stream. @Jebuscraft posts regularly - monitor the twitter list here. Follow a range of Gamers with one keypress Check out jebusadventures videos and forum from the app (needs internet) Other lin…

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    Download Goldwing Web Goldwing Web icon
    Goldwing Web

    Welcome to Goldwing on the Web Ten Wing Rules: This is me sharing some of my views about riding Goldwings by pretending that there are ten golden rules Riding a Golding: This is also me, I didnt want to go beyond ten, so I put this section in Online Wing Forum: Links to GLRIDERS.COM log in first time, then hotlink to it from here Steve Sa…

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    Download Deauville Web Honda bikes Deauville Web Honda bikes icon
    Deauville Web Honda bikes

    The Honda Deauville A mid range tourer/ commuter/ delivery bike with great weather protection, comfortable ride, hard lockable panniers, 60+mpg economy, low insurance and exceptionally reliability. 650cc carburettor or 680cc injection. The Honda Deauville, a mid range touring motorcyle in 650 normal aspiration or 680cc fuel injection is popular…

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    Download 3D no glasses 3D no glasses icon
    3D no glasses

    This app started with some 3Deffect so called wiggle Gif photos taken in Venice. 3D or more accurately 'stereoscopic' images require two shots of the same subject and the left shot is viewed by the left eye, the right by the right, and the brain generates a perspective with depth. You cannot view both images on the same screen without fan…

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    Download IOWFEST supporter IOWFEST supporter icon
    IOWFEST supporter

    This app hotlinks you to the excitement pre-festival and contains lots of information. There are dedicated live twitter lists for IOW latest news. Comprehensive (excessive even) packing information, ferry information, photographs from iow 2013 (I left my camera there in 2014 dammit). Hot link to the festival forum from your mobile/tablet. Check…

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    Download NICE Guidance in Mental Health NICE Guidance in Mental Health icon
    NICE Guidance in Mental Health

    April 2013 and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence is born. Formerly the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, this world leading organisation collates guidance and recommeded care pathways for clinicans and patients alike. This application links you to the Mental Health themed pathways and guidance issued and u…

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    Download Blackpool FC Latest Blackpool FC Latest icon
    Blackpool FC Latest

    Lots of changes this time. Contents: Latest newsfeed LIVE Official BPFC twitter stream Media reports BPFC on YouTube Supporters Groups/Forum Tangerine Radio (check this out- its coming soon) Much cleaner UI. Less noise.

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    Download Transport UK Public. Transport UK Public. icon
    Transport UK Public.

    Find bus and rail connections (including bits you have to walk) by using the internet to do the work. All the links you need are here.

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    Download Barcelona photos and wallpaper Barcelona photos and wallpaper icon
    Barcelona photos and wallpaper

    Photos taken in Barcelona in HDR eff It consists of 18 photographs taken in the beautiful city of Barcelona, city of Gaudi. there are some additional background links about the city NEW: A brief over view of what HDR (high dynamic range ) photography is about.

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