• Blackpool FC Latest

    Blackpool FC Latest




    Blackpool football club LATEST NEWS and links- keep up to date any time of day Contents: SEASIDER LIVE TALK: Follow @clwydian's BPFC list for the very latest real-time news annoucements and comment (no twitter account needed) OFFICIAL BLACKPOOL FC WEBSITE- says it all FORUM: BACK HENRY...

  • JebusCraft





    Sweet Jebus' Adventures #jebusadventures @jebuscraft Jebuscraft on Twitch TV For visitors to and especially fans of the 'jebusadventures' YouTube group and Tekkit Lite server linked from JeCra NEWS -- Real time Twitter feed from @JebusCraft JeCra VIDEOS --...

  • Mold in Flintshire

    Mold in Flintshire


    Information about the town of Yr Wyddgrug ( Mold ) in North Wales Local News from the BBC, EveningLeader, Daily Post Incorporates TeamNorthWales Newsletter Tourism, Theatre, Cinema, Mold food festival, Carnival photos Swimming and fitness, Museum, Hisotry, Traffic and Weather!

  • Reading & Leeds Rock Festival

    Reading & Leeds Rock Festival




    READINGANDLEEDSGOCRAZY Alan! The Greatest Rock Festival of the year. Foo Fighters reckon Reading are the dirtiest little rockers in the country (I was there, they said so). They tell me Leeds has a 'northern' spin on that. What's in t'app then? Aaaalan! A collection of...

  • DevAndy- Handy developers tool

    DevAndy- Handy developers tool


    DEVANDY hANDY DEVelopment tool for app designers. Devandy is a collection of links to a range of development tools useful to me for Android app development. Google Developer: Links to the portal for uploading and listing apps on Google Play. Use this to monitor how many downloads you...

  • Health Web Listener (NHS UK)

    Health Web Listener (NHS UK)




    Heathcare in the UK, especially within the NHS is changing apace. It's not necessarily all good! In fact, grassroots feedback is often widely disparate. Stay up to speed with this app - follow (requires an internet connection) on live NHS and health related twitter feeds (spammers regularly...

  • HamPocket





    The companion app for the Yahoo Groups 'HamPocket' Bringing together amateur radio, portability and computing. Founded in 2000 - before the word App was invented... Contains links to Raspberry Pi and amateur radio, VOIP, Echolink, UK Repeater groups NW,

  • Isle of Wight Music Festival

    Isle of Wight Music Festival




    2014 is coming! Gowild! Almost all the bands have been announced now The Festival Forum is Back! Twitter feed #iowfest2014 This is an expanded app on last years success. It links to web information, several relevent and live twitter streams, the facebook prescence, the festival FORUM (Check...

  • PodBox my podcast choice

    PodBox my podcast choice




    Finding the worlds greatpodcasts isnt easy. Here are four of them... BBC Reith Lectures - recently concluded for this year- Copyright BBC - this app merely points to the BBC supplied RSS feed. Seasiders Podcast - Blackpool Football Club in the UK. Real football by real people. Tii - Today in...

  • Deauville Web Honda bikes

    Deauville Web Honda bikes




    The Honda Deauville A mid range tourer/ commuter/ delivery bike with great weather protection, comfortable ride, hard lockable panniers, 60+mpg economy, low insurance and exceptionally reliability. 650cc carburettor or 680cc injection. The Honda Deauville, a mid range touring motorcyle in 650...

  • Zoo Photos Chester

    Zoo Photos Chester


    Hi there and welcome to my collection of photos from Chester Zoo, in Upton, Cheshire, UK. This app has photos installed -no data connection required- (all taken by myself, and you may use them as you wish with credit to @clwydian, if the urge takes you) organised in the headings of......

  • 3D no glasses

    3D no glasses




    This app started with some 3Deffect so called wiggle Gif photos taken in Venice. 3D or more accurately 'stereoscopic' images require two shots of the same subject and the left shot is viewed by the left eye, the right by the right, and the brain generates a perspective with depth. You...

  • Goldwing Web

    Goldwing Web




    Welcome to Goldwing on the Web Ten Wing Rules: This is me sharing some of my views about riding Goldwings by pretending that there are ten golden rules Riding a Golding: This is also me, I didnt want to go beyond ten, so I put this section in Online Wing Forum: Links to GLRIDERS.COM log...

  • MotoGP Follower

    MotoGP Follower




    MotoGP - MotoGP2 and MotoGP3 How to keep up! This app hooks you in to the best information wherever you are, whenever you want, in six ways.... MotoLatest - @clwydian's MotoGP twitter list (you do not need a twitter account to read) MotoBook - MotoGP facebook page - get social MotorNews...

  • UBoat Silent Hunter Game Ref

    UBoat Silent Hunter Game Ref




    This App supports the Silent Hunter Online Game and links to information on the German Uboats of World War 2 Check out an exhibition in the UK where you can see a Uboat, purchase several really good value books on UBoats and view for free a number of YouTube videos about a Uboat local to...

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