• Redmondpie Mobile

    Redmondpie Mobile




    I DO NOT OWN REDMONDPIE, I AM ONLY A FAN OF THEIR WORK. I AM IN NO WAY AFFILIATED WITH THEM. ALL ARTICLE WORK IS Copyright © 2008-2013 Redmond Pie. All Rights Reserved. Founded in 2008, Redmond Pie is a site focused on technology news, views and reviews about products/services from Microsoft and...

  • Stance and Dubstep

    Stance and Dubstep


    Stance and dubstep. Its a way of life yo! You cant just stance and not have your dubstep too, thats just ignorant. So download this app now before you look like a fool. its got all the greatest pics and anfor there could ever be. be sure to check out the dope merchandise and maybe even the app...

  • C & C Graphics

    C & C Graphics


    Our graphic design studio is your best source for professional, value driven low cost graphic design. Established in 2008 and online since 2009, we have collective and comprehensive knowledge and experience. Meaning that we are able to provide the most value and innovation per your dollar spent....

  • Sonic Satam Mobile

    Sonic Satam Mobile




    FUS Website: NOTE: Application Developer is not affiliated with FUS or Sega or anyone who owns the rights to sonic and his pals. I'm just doing this for fun. What is SatAM? (By: Ronic) ‘SatAM’ is the fan-created name to describe the 1993-1995 ABC Saturday Morning...

  • Fling it!

    Fling it!


    Bored? Want to try something stupid? Well this game is for you. choose a pic from your gallery or take a new one and just fling it! see how many times you can get it to bounce before it stops and upload your high score!

  • FUS - Sonic Satam Mobile

    FUS - Sonic Satam Mobile




    UPDATE 1: 7\21\11 Another Maintenance update. New features soon. This app contains Links and Previews to the FUS Headlines, Sea3on Comic, and the Forums. Its still under development and I'm hoping to add a lot more tot he app. To Do List: 1. Improve Forum Integration (working on it...) 2....

  • Cmoneys Car Game

    Cmoneys Car Game




    This is a simple car dodging game. Dodge the oncoming traffic and compete for the high score online Free version contains ads Check out the scores online @

  • Tweets About Obama!

    Tweets About Obama!




    An app that shows what people are tweeting about Obama. This app is not meant to be bad towards President Obama. This is just a quick little silly app that i felt like doing in my spare time. Also lets you post an update to your twitter account via this app.

  • Cmoneys Twitter Check-In App

    Cmoneys Twitter Check-In App




    You need to buy the unlock key to be able to actually checkin. this will just load up a preview. This is just a very simple twitter check-in app. Made with google app inventor

  • Cmoneys Public Restroom Finder

    Cmoneys Public Restroom Finder




    Have you ever really needed to go? If your like most people im sure you have, and it usually happens at the worst possible moment. Like at a public venue or maybe while walking down the sidewalk. And you down really want to risk walking into a sleazy filthy public restroom do you? Well then this...

  • JibbaJabba! Free Walkie Talkie

    JibbaJabba! Free Walkie Talkie


    Are you tired of those crazy complicated walkie talkie services? are you looking for something simple and free? Well you have come to the right place! JibbaJabba is as simple as it gets! It features voice messages, picture messages, video messages, and even chat messages. all it requires is your...

  • Cmoneys Tweeter App V2

    Cmoneys Tweeter App V2




    UPDATE: 02-6-2013 Updated to Version 2.0! Many many bug fixes have been handled, and direct messages and checkin have been enabled for free! More to come soon , more bug fixes and anything else i can work on! Sorry it has taken so long, i just have been very very very busy! Simple twitter app....

  • Food Rate

    Food Rate


    Food rate is an app where you get to rate your meals at various eatery's. Its great for letting the public know weather something on the menu is good or bad!

  • Cmoneys Blog

    Cmoneys Blog


    A blog about the life of a developer. It wont just be about me there will be other interesting stuffs on there too!

  • TrakiT! For Android

    TrakiT! For Android




    Use this app to track all your packages! It can track most major parcel shipment companies. very simple to use, even remembers your tracking history.

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