• Fresh Sound

    Fresh Sound


    Fresh Sound Radio by Sprite Sound — free internet-radio, which contains new trendy music that never ends! It is not necessary to search for anything to quench a music thirst — just turn on the stream, which fits your mood or time of the day. 5 music streams for any mood, 25 new tracks every...

  • Ugro1etem





    Az Ugró1etem az ugrás magasiskolája. A krétával rajzolt színes ugróiskolák teljesen új, egyetemi szintjét próbálhatod ki virtuális pályákon. Ugrálhatsz kint és bent, reggel és este, a suliban vagy akár a metrókocsiban, egyedül vagy csapatban. A virtuális ugróiskolákon megmutathatod mit tanultál...

  • Fanta FunTap

    Fanta FunTap


    Tap! Tap! Tap! Uncap the fun with NEW Fanta FunTap! Your fingers won’t be able to stop in this addictive fruit-tapping frenzy. Catch falling fruits, bubbles and Fanta characters by tapping your Fanta bottle and racking up the points. But it gets faster and harder the higher up the 10 levels you...

  • Destapp





    Destapp es el punto de contacto móvil con las marcas y productos de Coca-Cola México. Podrás interactuar, descubrir contenido único, conocer sobre novedades, actividades y promociones, así como participar en experiencias exclusivas. Periódicamente, distintas marcas de Coca-Cola integrarán nuevas...

  • Move60





    Move 60 is an awesome way of getting your ride on to make biking fun. We've mapped New Zealand into square blocks and they’re yours to claim. The more you ride the more you can claim but beware anyone can steal your blocks from you. This is an exciting real world digital game that is sure...

  • Fanta Genk of Fun

    Fanta Genk of Fun




    Scan botol Fanta baru 2014 dan temukan kejutan bareng Fanta Crew yang seru di aplikasi ini. Kamu bisa posing hingga foto bareng Fanta Crews se-kreatif mungkin. Ikuti juga kompetisinya. Bawa seru aja!

  • HappiCycle





    HappiCycle is the best way to get those pedals in motion and take your bike riding to the next level. Using the latest GPS technnology, HappiCycle maps your ride, measures how far you go and connects you with other riders all over Australia. You can challenge your friends, earn badges, claim...

  • Fanta Playbox

    Fanta Playbox




    El Fanta playbox es un sitio donde los usuarios podrán divertirse. Aquí pueden jugar 4 juegos creados por Fanta, Los juegos tienen diferentes niveles a través de los cuales los usuarios irán acumulando puntos mientras juegan. Estos puntos se pueden canjear dentro del mismo Playbox por diferentes...

  • Ice Flick

    Ice Flick




    Making Coke is our job, making sure it’s cold is yours… Flick ice cubes into moving Coke glasses to create the ‘perfect serve’. Keep up with the glasses as the conveyor speeds up, grab McDonald’s food and fix the tap – all while dodging straws and keeping your eye out for the hoops. Test your...

  • Powerade Performance

    Powerade Performance




    Get active with the brand new POWERADE Performance App – a fun way to challenge yourself and help increase your fitness! Use the training programs to complete daily exercises, participate in monthly exercises, access hydration tips, track your runs in real time via GPS and see whether you’ve...

  • Relentless Energy Drink

    Relentless Energy Drink




    Unlock your can of Relentless with the Official Relentless Energy Drink Mobile App. Key Features: Scan a can – Unlock exclusive Relentless content and competitions by simply scanning your can of Relentless News – Get the latest Relentless news direct to your mobile Store Locator – Thirsty?...

  • Tamo Junto Coca-Cola

    Tamo Junto Coca-Cola




    If the World Cup that interests you is the one you’ll enjoy with your friends, this app is for you. To help you enjoy the FIFA World CupTM, here you will find a utility belt that will allow you to discover, live and record all the opportunities only Coca-Cola can provide you and your friends. •...

  • Coca-Cola Freestyle

    Coca-Cola Freestyle




    The Coca-Cola Freestyle app helps you find the nearest location where you can select from 100+ drink choices. The latest 4.4 version also allows you to connect your iPhone directly to the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine to pour mixes or unlock Share a Coke drink discounts. Key features of the app...

  • Coca-Cola China E&D Community

    Coca-Cola China E&D Community




    a.Broadcast latest Eating-and-Drinking Channel news b.Facilitate communication, interaction and sharing within China Eating-and-Drinking community c.Further build knowledge and capability on Eating-and-Drinking Channel.

  • Powerade TeamApp

    Powerade TeamApp




    Organizar un partido de fútbol no es nada fácil: existen jugadores que no confirman hasta el último momento, otros que se bajan 5 minutos antes de empezar el partido, otros que no saben el horario o lugar de la cancha y llegan tarde. Eso quedó en el pasado, porque ahora tenés Team App, la...

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