Code for Travel

  • Screen Burn-in Tool




    Does your Android screen have evidence of screen burn-in? Use this app to remove burn-in from your device's AMOLED or other display. A sequence of primary colors is used to restore burned-out pixels. Built originally for ICS and now KitKat, the sequence will run fullscreen so that the...

  • Food & Wine Festival 2013




    A digital passport for the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. Includes the full menu, prices, and map for the 2012 showcase. Find what you're looking for by country or by item type (Entree, Beer, Wine, Dessert, etc.) and share your findings on Facebook.

  • Skyrim Field Guide




    Dovahkiin shouldn't travel the world of Tamriel without an understand of the plants and minerals they'll find on their adventures. By using this field guide, Dragonborn will no longer have to guess the effects of the various herbs and alchemy ingredients they'll find on their...

  • Dog Tease Soundboard




    Dog Tease Soundboard contains all of the dog voices from the popular Ultimate Dog Tease video, with the ability to save as ringtones & notifications.

  • Wolfenstein 3D Soundboard




    Wolfenstein 3D Soundboard contains all sounds from the popular first person shooter for MS-DOS. Schutzstaffel! Mein leben! Guten Tag! Relive the original gameplay with sounds from weapons, enemies, and bosses.

  • ToggleBar




    Make full use of your screen real estate! ToggleBar hides the navigation bar present in ICS and Jelly Bean, letting your apps run truly full-screen. **Requires root access to run** How it works: ToggleBar uses root access to hide the nav bar and provides customizable options for how to restore...

  • Instaslide




    Display a cinematic slideshow of your Instagram feed. Create your own photo frame using Instagram photos or showcase tagged photos for your organization, event, or party. Choose to display: - My Photos - News Feed - Tagged Photos (i.e. #nofilter) Instaslide requires an Instagram account....

  • Evo vs. iPhone Soundboard




    Evo vs. iPhone Soundboard contains funny phrases from the popular iPhone 4 vs HTC Evo video. Optimized GoogleTV layout!

  • Cat Mystic Soundboard




    Cat Mystic Soundboard contains all of the cat voices from the popular Kitty is a Bad Mystic video.

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