Code Monkeyz Solutions Limited

  • Simple Loan Calculator


    To calculate loan repayments fill in the loan information boxes on the left and click the calculate button, results will show in the boxes on the right. This calculator is intended as a guide only.

  • Traffic cam




    This application will allow you to view traffic from various cameras around Auckland motorways to determine what traffic is like before you head out

  • Basic GST Calculator




    An easy application for working out your GST. The default value for GST is set to 15% for NEW ZEALAND GST calculation. A helpful app for anyone wanting to calculate GST quickly.

  • Stranger Danger


    Need to have MMS set up correctly before downloading this app. Make sure the GPS location is enable so the app can read your correct location. This App has been developed with a view to reduce the number of missing people and unsolved crimes. The product concerned is a Personal Security Camera....

  • Attend NZ




    What is ATTEND? Attend is a free online web platform containing professional & academic events and allows working professionals and students to attend these events relevant to their industry. Organisers are able to create, list & promote their events. Why ATTEND? If you are one of the...

  • Yo mama jokes




    Laugh at funny Yo Momma jokes. Send them to your friends via SMS. Lot more jokes will be update shortly.

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