Code Niche Software

  • Spelling Blocks




    Test your knowledge of the English Language in this ultimate game that combines patience, endurance, stress, and obstacles that take a twist on the classic word games you are used to playing. There are 100 different levels, each with a unique obstacle that will hinder your movement as you quickly...

  • Bug Terminator




    Bug Terminator is an action game with 40 levels. There are 4 different bugs in different levels chasing you all around. You have to use laser gun with 5 different power levels to eliminate them and find the queen to kill. Game Features: 1. 40 levels with different bugs 2. 5 laser gun modes 3....

  • Tank Battle Full Version


    Tank Battle is a classic action game. This full versio provides player 55 missions from simple to challenge mission without any ads interruption. Each mission has different layout with different number of enemy’s tanks. user friendly control pad allows you to control tank and fire missile. Enemy...

  • Quick Texting




    Are you tired of typing same text and send it to someone every day? Quick Texting is a tool that allows you to send a predefined message to your friends over and over again without retyping the text. To use this tool, please follow up these steps to setup phone numbers and message: 1. Click on...

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