Code of Zero

  • Press TV Mobile

    Press TV Mobile




    The Official Press TV Mobile Application. Featured on PressTV's main website at This application brings Press TV to your Android device. Featuring all of the news that you can handle, updated constantly by Press TV's extensive news team and brought to...

  • Hispan TV Mobile

    Hispan TV Mobile




    This is the Official App for Hispan TV, a new television channel based in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran. This app provides access to the latest news articles, latest uploaded videos and a live video feed, where you can watch the Spanish language channel. This app uses the Vitamio library to...

  • al-Mustafa Android

    al-Mustafa Android




    Official App for al-Mustafa International University (Jami'at al-Mustafa al-Alamiyyah), Qum, Islamic Republic of Iran. This app provides information about the courses and facilities of al-Mustafa International University, and allows the user to contact al-Mustafa University for further...

  • iFilm Mobile

    iFilm Mobile




    iFilm is a revolutionary new TV channel (inaugurated on September 9, 2010) that showcases the best of Iranian Cinema in Arabic and Farsi. This application is the official Android app of iFilm TV ( The application lets you view - in Arabic or Farsi (Persian) - the live feed of...

  • Run for SmartWatch

    Run for SmartWatch




    Run for SmartWatch is a small clean app that provides you with an simple overview of your current run. It can be used for running, bicycling and similar activities where you would like to know how far you have moved, how much time has elapsed and what pace you are holding. General Features: -...

  • al-Alam Mobile

    al-Alam Mobile




    al-Alam Mobile brings the leading Arabic Language News Network - al-Alam Satellite News Channel to your Android device. This is the official app for al-Alam TV قناة العالم الاخبارية واحصل على احدث و آخر الاخبار العربية والعالمية البرامج الموقع الإلكتروني: والآن لجهاز أندرويد الخاص...

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