• MiFi Status for Huawei E586

    MiFi Status for Huawei E586




    MiFi Status is designed for the Huawei E586 MiFi device to give device status on your phone/tablet without having to look at the device or bring up the embedded web page. Critical information such as signal strength, battery level and data used have a near real time refresh whilst more static...

  • Grocery Sum Shopping List

    Grocery Sum Shopping List




    A two in one shopping estimator and list. Press a combination of buttons to quickly add the approximate value of each item you put in your basket keeping a rough total. Auto memory to add the last item combination again. Switch to the list tab and see your shopping list, crossing off items as...

  • ASCII Chart

    ASCII Chart




    A simple ASCII Chart for developers or anyone who needs to lookup ASCII values for characters. Full character range supported up to 255. Switch between Decimal, Hexadecimal, Octal or Binary. Hi-lighting of values that require escaping in XML, tap to see details. Ad supported with option to...

  • How Long Till

    How Long Till




    Countdown in whole days to important dates such as birthdays, leaving dates, parties etc. Multiple countdowns can be setup and the list can be sorted by either name or date and the count starts going negative to show you how long ago past events have occurred. If you would like to help translate...

  • Episode Tracker

    Episode Tracker




    Keep track of where you are with your favorite TV series. A simple series/episode counter you can use with recorded TV, box sets or streaming services like Netflix. If you could help translate Episode Tracker to other languages please contribute here

  • Medi Droid Pill Reminder

    Medi Droid Pill Reminder




    Remembering to take your medication got a whole lot easier. Get a notification when medication is due, customise to suit your needs with a combination of notification bar item, vibration in a choice of different patterns, LED flash or an alarm sound. Get optional reminders every 15 minutes...

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