• Time Management Tips




    Are you running out of time. A day with 24 hours is not enough for you. Just give a try on our time management tips and see the difference. Time management is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to...

  • Arduino Examples Free




    A lot of Arduino examples with code,diagrams and images for arduino beginners and programmers. Take a look at it and master it. Contains Examples from Basics, Digital, Analog, Communication Control Structures, Sensors, Core Functions, Digital, Display, Strings, USB (Leonardo, Micro, and...

  • English Tenses




    All you need to know about English Tenses is here. The simplest presentation of English Tenses, learn it once and remember it for life time. Tenses in any language are the basic and one of the most important topics in both writing and communication of that language. This app helps you to learn...

  • Shatanamaavali




    As you all know shatanamaavali means 100 names. This app also provides you with the more than names of Hindu gods. So you don't have to carry a book to store these names. Check out Hindu Daily Prayers and Hindu Daily Prayers for all for more religious stuff.

  • Prayers to Mary




    Lots of prayers to The Blessed Virgin Mary(The Mother of Jesus). Read it, share it and get blessings from God. God Bless You All.

  • Arduino Boards




    This app contains explanation to boards available for arduino with images, diagrams and code. Try it out and leave your comments. App contains Arduino Fio Programming Arduino WiFI Shield Getting started with Arduino Esplora Guide to the Arduino Leonardo and Micro Arduino Due Arduino Ethernet...

  • Christian Prayers




    Here are some prayers for the getting some blessings from god. Prayers which help us to gain strength and guidance from almighty god. These Prayers for Strength are a source of inspiration to help us to face the challenges of life. These prayers for strength to help us to overcome personal...

  • Arduino Libraries




    As the name implies it contains explanation about Arduino Libraries. You can find detailed explanation with images, code and diagrams. App Contains 1. EEPROM Library 2. Ethernet library 3. GSM library 4. LiquidCrystal Library 5. SD 6. Servo library 7. Firmata Library More and more libraries...

  • Catholic Blessings




    You want to be a good person in life or you don't. if you don't, then don't download this app. This is my description about this app. With this app, you can share and save your favorite blessings. God Bless you. This app is free, it is ad support, please ignore the ads if you...

  • Memory Improvement Tips




    A great place to start is get this app a try. It provides you an introduction to the best memory techniques as well as ways to improve the health of your brain. A powerful memory can help you succeed in school, in your job, and in life. It helps you learn faster, and fast learners are always in...

  • English Grammar




    THE ULTIMATE GRAMMAR STUDY TOOL. Dive into a massive library of grammar activities written specially for intermediate learners of English. Topics Covered 1. Parts Of Speech - Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Verb, Adverb,Preposition,Conjunction, Interjection 2. Phrases 3. Degree Of Comparison 4....

  • Learn English Grammar




    THE SIMPLEST GRAMMAR STUDY TOOL. Topics Covered 1. Parts Of Speech - Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Verb, Adverb,Preposition,Conjunction, Interjection 2. Phrases 3. Degree Of Comparison 4. Quantifiers 5. Relative Clauses 6. Tenses 7. Active and Passive Voice 8. Articles 9. Capitalization 10....

  • Catholic Prayers




    This app contains a lot of divine prayers to our GOD. More and more prayers will be updated every week. Keep in touch. Check it out and rate it Please send me a mail if you need more features in this app.

  • English Tenses Practice




    This app is for those who want to practice English tenses and master it. App contains many questions with answers for you to study. The Practice Mode shows the answers if you get it wrong. The Test Mode will only show the score at the end, revealing the number of correct and wrong answers and...

  • English Grammar Practice




    Practice ,Practice, Practice .... It's the only way to become perfect. This application is a way to practice English Grammar and master it in a simple way. Lots and Lots of questions with answers. Practice sessions include Adjectives Part One Adjectives Part Two Articles Collective...

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