• VMFD Žalgiris




    Oficiali VMFD "Žalgiris" aplikacija. Visa Žaliai Baltų informacija jūsų kišenėje: * Naujienos, * Rungtynių statistika, * Žaidėjai, * Turnyrinė lentelė, * Nuotraukų galerija. Taipogi aplikacija informuoja apie prasidėsiančias varžybas ir tiesiogiai jas transliuoja jūsų...

  • Kulturarv




    Kulturarv (Cultural Heritage) is an open source augmented reality app guiding you through Denmark’s protected and preservation-worthy buildings. The app was developed in a cooperation between CodeUnited and Dansk Kulturstyrelsen (Danish Agency for Culture). Kulturarv uses the smartphone...

  • Exif4Film




    Exif4Film is a tool for film photographers to record the EXIF data of their pictures while shooting and then save it on scanned images. The Android™ app is used for capturing the EXIF-related data, and the desktop utility or the Adobe® Lightroom® plug-in can be used for saving the recorded data...

  • Roskilde 2013




    Roskilde Festival 2013 features augmented reality! Roskilde 2013 app helps you find all the bars, food/coffee stands, toilets, showers, wi-fi areas, laundromats, and many other placemarks real-time through an augmented view without any noise or annoying ads. In addition, every stage is...

  • HELMUT Film Scanner




    Helmut is a photographic film scanner on your phone. Usage scenarios * NEW: capture frame using phone's camera, or use an image from Gallery (e.g. taken with your DSLR). * Digitize your (old) negatives. * Share your (lomo) shots easily without format or film type restrictions. * Fast...

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