• Bubble Minesweeper




    Bubble Minesweeper is a circular take on the classic minesweeper game! Perfect for when you have a few spare minutes and want to give your brain a little workout. This app has been thoroughly tested on the following devices: Samsung Galaxy S4 (Android 4.2), Sony Tablet S (Android 4.0), HTC One...

  • Safe Pass


    Stay safe online with SafePass. No more using the same password everywhere and risking compromising all your online accounts the moment one of them is hacked. No more trying to painfully remember 10s of passwords. No more worrying about your passwords. Be safe and stay safe online, by using...

  • Safe Pass




    SafePass generates a safe password from 3 memorable words. So choose 3 words you will easily remember and generate your safe password. You can try out the app via the 14 days free demo It's easier to remember words that...

  • French Verbs Master




    This is an app to help you learn French verbs, by making training fun and easy. You can select how to learn French verbs by choosing a training mode: multiple choice, type your answer in, or think about it in your head and then compare. You can choose your level: beginner, intermediate or...

  • Mov Synth




    The concept: This is a musical instrument that uses movement instead of a keyboard for input, using the camera on your device. How to use: When you start the app, the camera preview is shown to you. Use the on/off button on the screen to switch the synth on and start moving to hear the music...

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