Cold Flash Labs

  • Read To Me




    Read To Me is a simple text to speech app. You simply input any amount of text and listen! This app utilizes android built in TTS service so you can change the voice by simply downloading a new one from the market.

  • Pro Craft: A Minecraft Guide




    This is the must-have app for any minecraft gamer. If you are new to minecraft or are an advanced player you will find a use for this app. You can check crafting recipes, see how to build a redstone circuit,see what use an item has, listen to the soundboard with over 30 minecraft sounds, or just...

  • Yes Or No




    Have you ever found yourself in situation where you need a randomly generated yes or no answer and not a yes,no, maybe answer? Well this is the app for you! Answers are generated total random and are helpful everywhere you go.

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