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  • Air Lite Psychrometric Calcs




    Psychrometric calculator for HVAC engineers, designers, technicians, commissioning agents, and maintenance personnel. SI and IP units are supported. Inputs: - Altitude - Dry Bulb Temperature And either: -Wet Bulb Temperature -Relative Humidity - Dew Point Temperature To Calculate: -Wet Bulb...

  • External Ballistics Lite




    External Ballistics Lite will look up air properties at your nearest weather station and report or calculate air properties required for ballistics calculators. Metric and I-P units available. Properties Displayed: Wind Speed (m/s or mph) Wind Direction (degrees)* Temperature...

  • Air Pro Psychrometric Calcs




    The anticipated upgrade to the most popular psychrometric calculator on Android! Air Pro calculates all of your current local air properties upon start up and allows you to search for other city air properties. Air Pro also contains a mixed air calculator. Please view the video to see Air Pro...

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