Coldstream Solutions

  • Bitcoin Live Wallpaper

    Bitcoin Live Wallpaper




    Bitcoin, Litecoin, Peercoin, and more - create your favorite combination of crypto currency tokens as a live floating wallpaper. No ads, no special permissions and free of charge (This means that we are honest and sincerely respect our users privacy). Continuous development depends solely on...

  • Craft Your Live Wallpaper

    Craft Your Live Wallpaper




    We sincerely love Minecraft and would like to give something back to the community by providing a customizable dynamic live wallpaper with a proper Minecraft creative mode theme. Please Google search for how to install and set it properly on your handset (e.g. HTC Wildfire requires...

  • Jelly Bean Live Wallpaper

    Jelly Bean Live Wallpaper




    - Slick Customizable Floating JellyBean Live Wallpaper. Please Google search for how to install and set it properly on your handset (e.g. HTC Wildfire requires 'LauncherPro' app in order to pick Live Wallpapers). No special permissions are required (That means we are honest and sincerely...

  • Lemon Live Wallpaper

    Lemon Live Wallpaper




    Release your inner artist and craft your own personal style with this mega customizable live wallpaper. Built on the same engine as Minecraft Live Wallpaper to offer nothing but the best DIY live wallpaper experience there is! Hearts, roses, football, Tux, spirals, lemons, lime, gummybears,...

  • WiFi Meter Pro

    WiFi Meter Pro




    WiFi Meter Pro aids in scanning environments for Wireless Networks based on the strongest signal principle.

  • GPS Coordinates Pro

    GPS Coordinates Pro




    GPS Coordinates Pro does one thing - it effectively shows where you are in terms of GPS and UTM Coordinates. Please make sure to check out our other professional apps: ✔ Field Scanner Pro - Locate potential hazardous electromagnetic fields ✔ Compass Pro - Clean and Precise Digital Compass

  • Field Scanner Pro

    Field Scanner Pro




    Field Scanner Pro aids in scanning your everyday environment for potentially harmful magnetic fields using the built in magnetic sensor in your phone. This app thus aims to raise the awareness of such magnetic fields and help locate their sources. Common sources include power transformers,...

  • StarDate





    Captain's Log 04759.7: Uploaded the most accurate stardate app created to date. Finally a Star Trek compatible solution to my everyday journaling. We just found out that it is even more accurate than the standard one provided by the Federation. Furthermore it now features a widget and...

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